A quick and easy way to unlock iPhone from the operator AT&T USA

A quick and easy way to unlock iPhone from the operator AT&T USA

If you have an iPhone in your hands, blocked by AT&T USA operator, imei-server.com will tell you how to solve this problem. But first, let's touch upon important moments about the unlocking features so that you know not only what you need to do to unlock the iPhone from AT&T operator, but also understand what is happening at each of the stages of the unlock.

So, operator AT&T - one of the largest providers of mobile services in the US. Like many others, this operator offers very favorable prices for buying an iPhone with a contract. The idea is that you buy a phone much cheaper than it would be without a contract, but at the same time undertake to use the services of this mobile operator only, until your contract expires. Thus, for the year or more that you will pay for mobile services operator AT&T, the mobile giant will have time to regain the amount that it "received less" for the iPhone sold to you. And the client will be glad to the fact that he "saved" a large amount.

In order for this "scheme" to work without failures and that you do not "escape" anywhere with your new iPhone, the device you buy will have a factory lock from the operator, the so-called SIM lock. Your iPhone will only accept AT&T operator's SIM cards and no others. Devices with AT&T US lock in the Apple database are designated as follows (one of three options):


  • Next Tether : 23 US AT&T Activation Policy

  • Next Tether Policy Details US ATampT Activation Policy

  • Next Tether Activation Policy Description: US AT& T Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Activation Policy 

All this - different ways to display a lock for the AT&T operator. If you install another SIM card in the locked phone, you will see a message on the screen: "The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported. The SIM card that you currently installed in this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server." And this inscription will not disappear until you make an unlock. Let's look at ALL possible options for removing SIM lock.

1. Option. What if you paid the contract before AT&T, you do not have a debt to the operator and your phone is not listed as lost or stolen, but is it still locked? (In the sphere of unlocking, these phones are called "clean", the standard wording is "IMEI clean")

First of all, it is worth noting that even if you have closed all debts to the operator and the contract is closed for a long time, AT&T will not unlock your phone "automatically". By default, your iPhone will remain locked until you contact the operator asking for an unlock. You can send this request through the official website  "att dot com", or by ordering service - USA AT&T iPhone Clean.

The processing time for your request by the operator can take from 10 minutes to 5-7 business days. During this time, the operator checks whether your IMEI can be unlocked and if so, you will receive a message: "We've approved your request to unlock your device" or, more simply, "unlocked".
In this case, the unlock procedure is performed remotely! You do not need anyone to send your phone, you do not need to enter any codes. For unlock, the operator needs to know your IMEI phone (IMEI can be viewed by typing the combination *#06#).
2. Option . What if the contract before the AT & T operator has not expired and you still have debts? Is it possible to unlock the device in this case?
Yes, you can. But pay attention to the following: IMEI with debts will not be "clean" anymore, since debts are a kind of blacklist. Do not confuse this concept with the blacklist of stolen or lost phones, as this is different. Knowing the IMEI device, you can request a lot of checks to get detailed information about your iPhone, for example:

But the usual check for the black list DOES NOT DISPLAY the existence of debts to the operator. In this regard, the answer "Clean" does not mean that AT&T will approve the unlocking of such a device as clean. To unlock an iPhone with an unexpired contract or debts, use the service - USA AT&T iPhone Semi Premium 99% With the chances for a successful unlock - 99%, in the specified time you will receive a unlocked iPhone.

3. Option. What should I do if the iPhone is in the lost or stolen status of AT&T operator? Is it possible to unlock and what are the chances?


In this case, we are dealing with a device whose IMEI is blacklisted. And this type of blacklist will show any check on the blacklist.
It should be noted immediately that the operator AT&T does not display phones from the black list. Services for the withdrawal from the black list for this operator is not and never was. And although this is one of the most difficult types of locking, there are services for unlocking even for such phones - USA AT&T iPhone Blacklist.
The chances for a successful unlock are 100% for any device. The unlocking is carried out officially, by "officially" means the fact that the unlock is made directly through the operator. If the unlock was done by another method (for example, WorldWide service), then there is a big risk that such an unlock will be temporary and may "fly off" in case of updating or rebooting the phone.
To unlock an iPhone from an AT & T operator using imei-server.com, you need:
1. Make sure that your phone is locked to AT&T USA operator! The only way to accurately check the operator is to order the appropriate IMEI check. We focus on checking because if in the report there is one of these lines, it means that you have another type of lock:
With such results, unlock from AT&T can not be ordered, other services are needed to remove this type of locks.


  2. If you are sure that the operator is selected correctly and you really have a lock for AT&T USA, you can order one of these services:
Consult us on the iPhone unlock from AT&T USA through support@imei-server.com and we will help you find the right service.
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