About imei-server

    IMEI-Server Company

      A bit of history. IMEI-Server.com website was created in November 2007 by a small group of engineers at a conventional cell phone repair service center.
      The idea of ​​creating the site was prompted by a large number of customers from different countries who were interested in various services related to the restoration of cell phones, unlocking forgotten keys and blocking the operator. Who does not know, in those days there were Siemens phones, with the help of the IMEI master code it was possible to remove the phone code. We were the only online seller of this service in the CIS countries and Europe. They were also involved in software recovery, software development \ WEB for the needs of the client, sale of equipment for repairing phones.
      To date, we have built up our base of regular and wholesale customers, service centers, telephone repair engineers, individual entrepreneurs and large mobile equipment stores.
      The site has a system of wholesale and individual prices for sites that are engaged in unlocking, affiliate program.

    Geography of site customers in 2007:
    CIS countries, Europe, USA

      Initially, we had a narrow circle of clients (service centers, private phone repair masters, ACC engineers, cell phone stores, wholesale mobile phone providers, GSM and CDMA dealers).
      By 2008, the number of customers has increased significantly, we felt a large influx of end users who did not want to pay for intermediaries.
      The geography of visitors has expanded significantly: all countries of the world (excluding Greenland, part of Africa, part of Asia), a detailed map of imei-server.com customers.
      Given this, it was decided to increase the staff and create the IMEI-Server.ru website for the CIS countries in order to share the client load and improve the level of service.

The scope of the site

  • Selling unlock \ network codes for unlocking phones, tablets, 3G \ 4G modems by IMEI

  • Remote unlock iPhone by IMEI

  • Sale, activations, updates for programs, boxes, dongles - equipment for service centers

  • Selling accounts for specialized firmware and unlocking programs for GSM and CDMA devices

  • IMEI checks for iPhone, Samsung, LG, Nokia, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Motorola.