About the regional Samsung smartphones binding

About the regional Samsung smartphones binding

News about building in the binding to the particular region (territorial binding) by the manufacturer of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphones has quickly spreaded all over the world web. Representatives of the manufacturer company explained the decision to add this feature into the devices comes from the need to reduce the number of phones of the "gray" import. However, the specialists of the UK Mobile Review edition have completed the more in-depth investigation of this situation and shared with the obtained inferences. The results of the conducted investigation, if we may call so the completed work, have shown that nothing serious has happened to Samsung brand phones.


A specific sticker, stating about the regional binding of the particularly taken Samsung smartphone, doesn't witness about the possibility to use this phone exceptionally in the networks of local companies. The binding tells us that the gadget should be activated with the sim card of the local operator for the first time, but it is only for the first time. After this, unlock Samsung will get unlocked completely, and the mobile phone could be boldly used in any other country and network. And with this, the received status of the unlocked device remains even if the smartphone settings were reverted to the default ones.

Therefore, if you bought your smartphone in Germany, then you have to just turn it on with the sim-card of the german company for the first time, or with the card of other operator from any other country of the European Union. After this, you will be able to work with your Samsung smartphone without any hurdles, and it will be able to register in any networks, including in Ukraine and/or Russia. It was confirmed by the official Samsung representatives as well.

In addition, it was added that such lock will be built in not only in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 models, but also in the models from other lines, which were released after August, 2013.

We want to highlight yet one more interesting moment here, which exists in all devices having the above mentioned lock. If you, as Samsung smartphone user, don't start to turn it on with the sim-card, then you will have at your discretion the phone with its full features to use it as a media-player, as an instrument to surf the internet, as a navigator and etc. And at the same time, all these features will be functional at any place on the earth. In other words, the device will be fully featured mini tablet without the chance to use its built in 3G and 4G module standards. The phone will be locked only if you try to turn the device on with the sim card, which is no "native" according to its binding. Only in that case, you would have to order unlock Samsung service and we will be able to provide the unlock of your phone.

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