Apple ID: Former owner data recovery, Apple product warranty extension, iCloud IMEI lock

This block of services will help you recover Apple ID and get the data of the former owner: e-mail, phone number, name, surname. The service will help those who have forgotten their Apple ID or are looking for the previous owner. To recover Apple ID, you just need to know the IMEI or SN (serial number) of the device. The description of each service describes in detail how to view the IMEI and how to place an order to restore a user's iCloud account.
It is important to keep in mind that it is not possible to recover a forgotten Apple ID password. There are no services in the World that could provide an iCloud password. Also, in some cases, you can find out secret questions, but WITHOUT answers to them.
Apple's Official Warranty Restoration Service is effective for all devices after 2014 (except iPhone). You can extend Apple's warranty on devices where the warranty has already expired and on devices where the warranty is still active. Successful order fulfillment - 99%
Remote iCloud Lock by IMEI works for all iPhone models. This service allows you to remotely lock any device with disabled lock (FMI: OFF). It will not help if the lock is already enabled on your device.

Find Apple ID data, restore legal warranty, lock Apple ID

Apple iCloud ID: data recovery, remote lock, extended warranty