ATF Box repair SL3 SuperDongle Key and SX4 Authorization for Nokia BB5 SL3

ATF Box repair SL3 SuperDongle Key and SX4 Authorization for Nokia BB5 SL3

ATF Box repair SL3 SuperDongle Key and SX4 Authorization for Nokia BB5 SL3.

ATF Team (Advance Turbo Flasher box) released a powerful upgrade of version ATF 7.0.
Starting with version 7.0 ATF may full repair Nokia BB5 SuperDongle Key and SX4 authorization for all new phones Nokia BB5 SL3 (Requires interface FBUS).

The main changes in the new version of ATF Box:
Offline repair Nokia BB5 Super Dongle Key for all phone models Nokia BB5 SL3 with their services "Phone Authorization" opportunity which exists for the presence of activation ATF Network.

ATF Network is a unique service that helps you make repair Super Dongle for all phone models Nokia BB5 SL3, and through which you can do DOWNGRADE (downgrade firmware version) on any model of Nokia BB5 phones to any necessary version of the Firmware phone.

To do the following:

Buy Activation of ATF Network
Buy 5 credits for one phone

With "Phone Authorization" ATF Network, you can SX4 authorization or SuperDongle Key for any phone model Nokia BB5 SL3.

Authorization phone - a service network ATF Networks, recover any phones Nokia SL3.
Enough to make one time authorization for phone and later in the network ATF may recover fully Super Dongle Key and Authorization SX4.

Which phone models are supported:
Supports all models phones Nokia BB5, but at the moment only via FBUS interface.

Cost of services "Phone Authorization":
Need to start buy a one-time activation of ATF Network
After activation ATF You can use the service Phone Authorization, Authentication cost of one phone - 5 credits ATF

For some phones require authorization:
Authorization is required only for new phone models Nokia BB5, HASH which are not supported by any equipment. If you have a phone with an old HASH, you can work with it for free without authorization.

Whether the loans are written off during re-authorization of the same phone?
No, the loans are not written off repeatedly, you must authorize telephone only 1 time in the future for this phone credits ATF will not be written off.

Possible to restore Simlocks zone and IMEI in phones and SL3 SIMLOC30?
No it is impossible, you can not recover Simlocks area on the phones Nokia SL3 and SIMLOC30. You can restore these phones, only if the backups PM and RPL.

Restore Simlock and IMEI only with Nokia RPL BB5

There is support for recovery and authorization SD phones SIMLOC30?
Yes. With ATF Network supports all phone models Nokia BB5. You must use FBUS interface for authorization phones.

What new HASH supported ATF Networks?

ATF Box supports 22 new HASH, released on the market before March 1, 2011

List HASH (hash):


All the other old hashes supported and does not require the use of ATF Network

How much does ATF Networks?
You will need 99 credits to activate your account online ATF.
The cost of one phone authorization 5 credits ATF

Do you need an Internet connection to connect to the ATF?
Internet access is required only to authorize the phone. After authorization, the Internet phone is not needed.

Time needed to authorize the phone?
Approximate time of authorization of a phone for 20 seconds, the speed depends on your Internet connection.

Does the phone Nokia E7-00?
Yes, hash phone Nokia E7-00 is supported, but only via FBUS interface!

Buy Activation of ATF Networks

Buy 5 credits ATF
Buy 10 credits ATF
Buy 15 credits ATF
Buy 50 credits ATF

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