ATF Nokia Lumia WinPhone 8 v9.20 new update for Nokia Lumia Windows

ATF Nokia Lumia WinPhone 8 v9.20 new update for Nokia Lumia Windows

Long time we have not seen updates for this product, read the detail:
Major changes:
New drivers for supported OS ATF Box 32/64 Bit Windows XP, 7 and 8
New drivers BB5 Flash Loaders
New WinUSB driver Lumia (Support Windows 8)
New Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver (All phones Nokia)

Implemented module Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 v1.0
List of Windows 8 phone models:

  • Lumia 920 - RM-820, RM-821
  • Lumia 810 - RM-878
  • Lumia 820 - RM-824, RM-825
  • Lumia 822 - RM-845
  • A comprehensive firmware phones via USB, and support DEAD RED * Phone
  • Features full read information including Lock status, and other parameters
  • Determining the type of phone is now done automatically after scanning.
  • The possibility of switching from the NCSD in Test mode using FBUS mode.
  • FBUS mode fully accessible Self-Test
  • How to work with phones on Windows 8:
  • Hold Power ON for at least 12 seconds to reset to Normal mode
  • Hold the power button and the volume button down to move the phone in FLASH mode
  • Attention! required to charge the battery at least 50% in order to avoid problems ...
  • After flashing the phone all user data will be deleted from the phone

For Windows Phone 7.x

  • Phone type is now automatically selected after scanning
  • Also selected the firmware file (if installed)

For Infineon XG213

  • Reading Hash PM 120 LBF (upload file to calculate the Nokia NCK code)
  • Information about Infineon XG213 attempts code input from the keyboard and via FBUS
  • Reset attempts to enter unlock code for the platform Nokia XG213
  • The ability to enter through Fbus 15 and 20 digit unlock code Nokia
  • Protection from reading LBF file for a phone with 20 digit code
  • Automatic Backup certificates Nokia RPL
  • Supports writing RPL certificates
  • Display a second IMEI for Dual SIM phones

For Nokia Infineon XG223

  • Fixed backup process certificates RPL models Asha 308, 3080, 309, 3090)
  • Display a second IMEI for Dual SIM phones (scan and copy rezevrnaya RPL)

* RED phone - phone that features a deep red hue with the Nokia logo

Activation, logs, credits ATF Box (Advance Turbo Flasher):

ATF Box, Advance Turbo Flasher

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