ATF Nokia X v11.20 release with a useful updates

ATF Nokia X v11.20 release with a useful updates


Update and inform about a new version of ATF Nokia X Simlock IMEI v11.20. Major changes and additions in the updated version:

1. Nokia X Android Ultimate Tool:

  • ATF using built ADB Layer, allowing ADB to finalize any server on the computer, if his work was discovered. Now you do not need to install ADB and FASTBOOT, enter your phone with a code to read the data on it. Now it suffices to establish the correct drivers for Nokia X of C:\Advance Box Turbo Flasher\Driver\NOKIA_X_USB_DRIVERS\;

2. Nokia X Android Flash Engine:

  • Supports firmware working and Dead-phones;
  • Support for custom images stitched (LEWA OS, TWRP recovery, etc.);
  • Support manual mode firmware for Kernel, BOOT, RECOVERY, MODEM, UDISK, USER DATA, VARIANT, and PRELOAD Partitions;

3. Nokia X Android ROOT Kit:

  • FIRST IN THE WORLD! Implemented solution 1-Click OFFLINE;
  • Support Nokia X Firmware version 10.0.3 and 11.1.1;
  • Now you are connected to the Internet network is not a prerequisite - the work is carried out on 100% offline and takes less than 5 seconds;
  • Supports smartphones Samsung, HTC, LG, etc.;


4. Nokia X Android Google Service Installer:

  • FIRST IN THE WORLD! Implemented solution 1-Click;
  • Ability to install applications Googlena ROOTED Phone;
  • The ability to set Google Store, TTS, Hangouts, and other services/applications Google;
  • Opportunity to further establish KitKat 4.4 Launcher to improve the user interface Nokia X;
  • Fully tested and optimized to work for Nokia X version 10.0.3 and 11.1.1;

5. Nokia X Android IMEI iSimlock Backup/Restore - FIRST IN THE WORLD!:

  • Function to read/store encrypted EFS and NVBK (requires ROOT);
  • Effective conservation IMEI number, SIMLOCKS and other important settings;
  • Save in binary format;
  • Recording function EFS recovery and NVBK data to your phone (ROOTne required);
  • Correction function/repair IMEI and Simlock phones;
  • WARNING! Do not use kakihlibo realize opportunities for illegal purposes, including the IMEI-cloning.

6. Supports other basic function for NOkia X - VPEVRYE WORLD!:

  • Easy switching between modes Normal/Recovery/Bootloader;
  • Function to read data on the phone in normal mode;
  • Function to read information EMMC Partition boot mode;

7. Infineon XG-221:

  • Fixed Firmware Asha 230 and 230 DS;
  • Added support Asha 230 and 230 DS Decrypt PM 120;

8. Other changes:

  • Fixed Button ATF JTAG Activation;
  • Full list of products in Nokia.ini as of April 7, 2014

Update ATF JTAG 1.0.7 Build3919:

  • Added function of read/write custom EMMC;
  • Supports all Nokia WIN7 and win8 device except 1520 and Lumia Lumia Icon;
  • MSM7x27A, MSM8x55T, MSM8x25, MSM8x27, MSM8x60, MSM8x30;
  • Retains DUMPv simple binary format;
  • Added support for Nokia X RM-980 with the function FULL BOOT REPAIR - WORLD FIRST!;
  • Added support for Cherry Mobile Flare 2.1 with feature FULL BOOT REPAIR - WORLD FIRST!;
  • Added support Starmobile Diamond V3 with feature FULL BOOT REPAIR - WORLD FIRST!;
  • Added support for Samsung I8150 with feature FULL BOOT REPAIR;
  • Added support for Samsung I8552 with feature FULL BOOT REPAIR.

Activation, logs, credits ATF Box (Advance Turbo Flasher):


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