ATTENTION: The referral payout system is enabled!

ATTENTION: The referral payout system is enabled!
We are glad to inform you about the launch of the referral system of payments! This system will allow you to receive a constant income in the amount of% of EACH purchase of your referrer.
You can check your referral link by going to the CONTROL PANEL> PROFILE SETTINGS> REFERRALS
Once you have posted a link to the forum with great popularity, you can attract a large number of customers throughout the duration of the forum.
Ways \ resources you can use: forums, blogs, message boards, any sites, comments, social networks, mailing to your friends / colleagues, etc.
Important: After buying your referrer services, the money will be available for withdrawal in 3 weeks. These are the terms that are given to ensure that in the event of a problem with the order, the client applies for cancellation. Money is accrued for all successfully processed orders.


Unlock which brings you a steady income.
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