BB5 Easy Service Tool (BEST) v1.15

BB5 Easy Service Tool (BEST) v1.15

- Added in this version of BB5 Easy Service Tool platform support XG213 support Nokia C1-2001, Nokia C1-02

    * Firmware for USB (Dead / Normal)
    * Firmware of your choice (only mcu, only ppm, just cnt)
    * Service operations (RPL read / write, read ASK)
    * Read / write phone book (supports all S40)
    * Read / write calendar
    * Read / write SMS
    * Reading Gallery
    * Read password
    Support FunLabel
    Support LifeTimer

- Fixed in this version of BEST Infinity firmware via USB
    * Fixed check for firmware CNT

- Improved support for BEST for UFS, improved firmware MMC CNT (Nokia 6500c/7900/8800)
- Improved service operations, and user data Nokia
    * Read / write configuration of the camera and support for new types of cameras (eg Nokia x3-02)
    * Added a new configuration of cameras
    * Improved work with LifeTimer
    * Added support for reading records S40 T & T (Nokia X3-2002, Nokia C3-01 ...)
    * Fixed reading the phone book s40 (Nokia c3 and analogues)

- Updated the *. ini file in BB5 Easy Service Tool
- Updated the loader to Fbus and USB
- Small cosmetic changes

    * MCU + PPM flash without erasing user data
    * Tested Firmware Nokia C1-01 Nokia C1-2002 (RM-607, RM-643)

Download latest version BEST (BB5 Easy Service Tool) from this link:

Download BEST(BB5 Easy Service Tool) from (Depositfiles)
Download BEST (BB5 Easy Service Tool) from (Rapidshare)

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    05.06.2011 12:57:59

    exalant and good