Builling Zip Code + SSN Activation Check

Builling Zip Code + SSN Activation Check

Since some of mobile apple phones cant be activated due to the specific Zip code request even after the official unlock iPhone process is completed, we are offering to take advantage of the following service.

Check Builling Zip code + SSN Activation request

An example of received data:

Model: iPhone 5 32 GB Black 
IMEI: 013440002570813 
Activated: Yes 
Warranty Type: Limited Warranty Warranty Starts On: 20/11/2012 Warranty Ends On: 19/11/2013 
Activated Carrier: AT&T – United States USA 
Next Tether: US AT&T Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Activation Policy 
Lock Status: Locked 
Builling Zip Code + SSN Activation: OFF


Procedure of checking will allow you to find out exactly whether the phone will do the specified request. Besides doing the above mentioned check, we are offering to take advantage of the Compulsory iPhone activation after the unlock service.

This will allow you to activate the received sim-free status even for those iPhone AT&T, which were unlocked with some problem expressed with the message "Inserted Sim card is not supported". The service allows to do the compulsory iPhone activation in that case.

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