Changing the domain in the Russian version of our site

Changing the domain in the Russian version of our site
The cynical military invasion of dictatorial Russia into sovereign Ukraine and the ongoing aggression with a large number of victims on both sides require today from every sane person to make every effort to end the war as soon as possible.
In peacetime, our resource has never expressed opinions on the political situation anywhere and has not given any assessments of any events of a global scale. But in view of the blatant inhuman war unleashed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine, we cannot afford to remain silent and remain "aside" from the events around us. Changing the domain for our Russian-language version of the resource is a small step by which we express our attitude towards the politics of the Russian Federation and its top leadership. The IMEI-SERVER resource, represented by the administration and all our employees and sources, expresses a clear and unambiguous position - NO WAR to Russia in Ukraine.
Despite the seeming insignificance of the statements of individual citizens with the words "NO WAR", which are lost in this informational chaos, your every vote is important! The voice of each of you today is the very drop that will flow into a big tsunami that can sweep away those people who are responsible for the bloody crimes of the 21st century committed in Ukraine. Don't be silent and the truth will surely win!
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!
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