This block of services will help you get information on iPhone by IMEI. Depending on what you want to know, we can advise the following checks:

You can find out on which operator the iPhone is locked, check the iPhone activation date or iPhone unlock date using any GSX check. Select any check with the abbreviation [GSX] from the list.

You can find out if your iPhone is locked to an operator and get a simple answer - locked or unlocked (it will not show who the operator is, if the phone is locked) using the [Locked / Unlocked] check.

You can find out if iCloud Activation Lock is enabled on your iPhone and check if your iPhone will ask for a login and password from your Apple ID account by checking [ON / OFF].

You can find out the iCloud lock status and check if your iPhone is listed as stolen / lost in the Apple database using the [Clean / Lost] check.

You can find out the country and date of sale of the iPhone by checking Sold by or [GSX + Sold by].

To find out if the board was replaced in the iPhone, you can use the Replacement check.

To find out if the iPhone was returned under warranty and sold at a markdown, check Refurbished.

You can find out all at once: locked to the operator or not, whether iCloud is enabled, whether the iPhone is missing from Apple, you can check [ON / OFF | Clean / Lost | Locked / Unlocked]

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