Chimera Tool BlackBerry clear board repair update

Chimera Tool BlackBerry clear board repair update

In an update to Chimera Tool BlackBerry added a feature that allows to fully restoring broken BlackBerry smartphone.

Models 9700, 9780, and 9360 are supported. Constantly working on expanding the list of supported phones.

Chimera Tool BlackBerry can be useful in following situations

  1. EEprom was erase when using third-party tools;
  2. Clean smartphone without a backup with fields EE fields.
The corrections:
  • Corrected error to recovery IMEI code on model 9900;
  • Corrected bug to updates on models 99xx, 96xx, 95xx, which lead to suspension loading by 75%.
New features:
  • Shutdown custom SD-fields;
  • Read the original MSL code;
  • Able to skip QC-repair during the upgrade.
You can learn about the program Chimera Tool by the link – Chimera Tool - general information.

License to use Chimera Tool:

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