ChimeraTool LG module Update: v12.68.1627

ChimeraTool LG module Update: v12.68.1627

Dear users, we would like to tell you that ChimeraTool v12.68.1627 is available for downloading. Some models of LG phones has been added for direct unlock and repair IMEI in this update. More detail below:


Added SW Update & Repair function (more than 300 models):

  • V10, V20
  • G5, G4, G3, G2
  • K10, K8, K7, K4

You can buy License to use Chimera Tool:


Added support for Firmware update from local .KDZ file (original LG format)

Added NEW Online Firmware Update feature:
This procedure lets you flash a firmware to the phone. It can be flashed in to modes: Update and Fix.

  • Update: will flash the minimum required partitions, and will try to keep the User-data intact, but still, backup is recommended.
  • Fix: will erase all User-data, but most likely will fix any error regarding partition tabled corruption or android system errors.


  • Improved ADB communication and connection.



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