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    1. When forming a question, state as much as possible its essence indicating all the details (order IMEI, login on the site, etc.)
    2. Do not duplicate letters, wait for an answer, when duplicating letters, they can get into spam.
    3. All letters and messages left after hours, support staff will try to answer as quickly as possible in order of priority.
    4. For wholesale cooperation and discounts, also write to the mail.
    5. Balance replenishment and ordering services on the site can be done around the clock seven days a week, the order will be accepted automatically.
    E-mail - the fastest and most reliable way to contact:
    Site support staff advise customers only through the site! We never send personal messages in a social networks and do not send offers about unlocking in PM! Our social networks are for informational purposes only with news on services. If someone introduced himself as "our employee" and offers to pay for the services "directly" - you are dealing with a scammer! All payments for any services are carried out exclusively through the site!
    Telegram "imei-server" belongs to the FRAUDER!
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