Cyclone Box Installer 1.15 new release of the program

Cyclone Box Installer 1.15 new release of the program

CycloneBox Installer 1.15

CycloneBox used for flashing, unlocking and restoring phones Nokia DCT4 +, Nokia BB5, Nokia XGold1.
List of changes, improvements functionality CycloneBox very large:
- Added code reading device which is stored in an encrypted format for platform Nokia DCT4 + Nokia XGold1 read your code without any data loss ( first in the World)
- Added reset the lock code on a standard (12345) Nokia DCT4 + / XGold1 again user data remain on the mashines,  first in the world.
- Read the full backup RPL (NPC, HWC, CCC, SD, SIMLOCK ...) even do not use your mobile phone after dropping or incorrect unlock - new function in  first in  world.
If your phone does not start (hangs on the splash screen Nokia or not started), now you can get a complete dump of the RPL to fully erase the phone and restore it. Software before reading the RPL into recovery mode, ask you about it. So in any case, after the downgrade, you can restore your phone by:
1. Make a copy of the RPL with the dead phone
2. Run a complete erasure
3. Record any software version
4. Record previously made copies of the file RPL
5. Log in to Superdongle
6. Recording a new PM
- Added a (fixed) counter reset NSK for devices based on XGold2
- SecurityBlock performance backup before reset NCK counter, just in cаse
- XGold1 mashines download with damaged boot blocks
- Single button for L7 by LBF
- Removed the error reset attempts to enter the security code for some DCT4 DCT4 -
- Bookmark PMM Managment presented for Page BB5 Security
- Recovery is IMEI. It is possible with a damaged IMEI, but if you have the correct file NPC. Checked folder StoredFiles for files with the same CRT Publis ID SMT and recorded automatically.
- Added a message about hardware failure when resuming DCC DCC - for apartment: where it is impossible recovery (file not found DCC).
- Analysis of PMM XGold1 corrected (if reading is not in the LBF table Simlock oppredelennyh for operators / phone number)
- Fixed problem occurred Firmware XGold2 (invalid pointer)
- Changed module with USB
- Added a complete erasure models BB5. Now there is no need to know all the parameters of the memory chip, the parameters are set automatically. This function removes all CMT. Be sure to create a backup of RPL and PM files before erasing!
- Added option «Just NPC», used in conjunction with «Erase Certificates». If you use it only clears NPC certificates (when the body is nоt pоssible to include because of the damaged IMEI or when the body is constantly rebooting due to a damaged area security). It is possible to use this functiоn to read the PM from the non-working body. Do not fоrget to creаte CRЕАTE RPL from the device before starting operations operations Dana! Otherwise damage the IMEI.
- Added the function «Force Use Server» for SX4. Authоrization
- Fixed a bug when using AutoSelecting.
- Fixed case analysis under uncertain DCT4 DCT4 products
- Fixed analizatvariantov BB5 BB5 products under uncertain
- Fixed output beyond the index (0)
- Plain RPL now checked by default
- Removed the confusing message "Bооtloader upgrade prоblem"
- Fixed Sesurity number 1 and number 2 (the Anti-idiot-fix)
- Added a message Sesurity number 5 when you reinstall the drivers
- Minor changes and fixes in CycloneBox


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