Cyclone Box update 1.13 24.05.2011

Cyclone Box update 1.13 24.05.2011

Came a major new update for Cyclone Box 1.13 24.05.2011, a full list of changes / additions:

- Updated with new loaders for all Nokia BB5 FBUS and USB version 11.14.0
- Added detection of new types of unlock codes - 20 digit NCK code. The program automatically notifies the new format of code.
- Added function analysis of the retrieved HASH with some phones have no ability to input unlock code (such as telephones zalochennye Telcel Mexico), it saves time
- Creation of log files for the phones Nokia BB5 \ XGold format *. BCL
- Create / Read log files for the phones Nokia BB5 \ XGold format *. SHA
- Create a BAT file for phones Nokia BB5 \ XGold format oclHashCat for ATI cards 32bit and 64 bit systems
- Create a BAT file BB5 \ XGold oclHashCat format for NVIDIA as 32 \ 64-bit systems
- Fixed an entry in the RPL phones Nokia C7-00 and Nokia C2-01 and so on all based on SIMLOC30
- Added support for oclHashCat COD files
- Full support MxCrap COD files
- Added an error message data using the TX2
- Updated Nokia RAPIDO loaders to version 1.05, bug reading for some old style phone (A8C1D671) such as Nokia N95, Nokia N78
- Server Update BlackBerry unlock codes
- This version includes all the latest updates from the ability to read HASH for all platforms RAPIDO, RAPU, RAP4
- Fixed reset the lock code (user code) phone platform Nokia DCT4 and BB5 Platform
- Firmware version of the box should not be below! 1.61

Download the latest update Cyclone Box before installing it is desirable to remove all Cyclone old component to the program

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