DC Phoenix V19 added Huawei phones

DC Phoenix V19 added Huawei phones

Good news! Latest Huawei phones can be repaired without testpoint. Added Qualcomm Huawei Repair by testpoint:


  • Y550,
  • Y635 Mate 2,
  • Net10,
  • H871G

Testpoints can be seen after loading factory repair file.

  • Ascend Y550 
  • Y550-L01
  • Ascend Y635
  • Y635-CL00
  • Y635-L01
  • Y635-L02
  • Y635-L21
  • Y635-TL00
  • Mate 2
  • MT2-C00
  • MT2-L02
  • MT2-L03
  • Net 10
  • H871G

You can buy credits and logs for unlock by the link –




If QDloader 9008 port visible, can be repaired without testpoints.
If you have not phone that is not listed, please contact us live for factory file and FREE test.

Logs and Credits, Activation for DC-Unlocker


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