DC-unlocker client 1.00.1004 - new unlocker version

DC-unlocker client 1.00.1004 - new unlocker version New models modems to unlock:

  • Novatel Ovation MC996D

Routers are available to unlock:

  • Huawei E5776s, B153, E589
  • ZTE MF60, MF68, MF70, MF80, MF93

ZTE MF51, MF61 have COM ports.
Added support for Windows 8

Please note if you have a model of phone or modem is not supported by Dc-unlocker you can always unlock with NCK code for Huawei base only by IMEI.
Maybe someone is useful AT commands Huawei modems

Always use latest version DC-unlocker client, download it only from official website DCunlocker, free download DCunlocker - direct link.

Buy credits (server logs: Login and Password) only authorized by resellers. We are official reseller credit and dongles DC-Unlocker.


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