DC-Unlocker ZTE activation - advanced features

DC-Unlocker ZTE activation - advanced features
To activate additional features DC-Unlocker and then work with ZTE devices you need to buy credits. You can do this on the link -
Functional description DC-Unlocker for ZTE devices and the cost of their activation:
  • Unlimited ZTE Icera firmware writer - ZTE Icera platform firmware writer (MF192, K3770-z, K3772-z and similar modems - 19 credits;
  • ZTE Icera UNLIMITED direct unlock - ZTE Icera platform unlimited direct unlock (MF192, MF652, MF195, K3772-z and similar modems) - 29 credits;
  • ZTE Qualcomm modems Flasher - ZTE Qualcomm modems firmware writer (Mf180, MF190) - 19 credits.
Get full information about the DC-Unlocker you can by the link -
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