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  • #1 Снимайте на видео процесс разлочки телефона, модема или планшета и получайте до 50 $

    Отправьте нам на support@imei-server.net запрос на съемку видео, обязательно полностью укажите вашу модель, мы ответим, есть необходимость в видео или нет (например уже есть видео с такой моделью..)

  • Rates

    • 40$AlcatelHuawei
    • 50$HTCSonyZTESamsungPantech
    • 60$LGNokiaMotorola
    • 70$BlackBerry
Preparing for the shooting process
  • Prepare the location in advance. Choose a flat horizontal solid surface. An ordinary table, which if necessary can be covered with a Whatman paper or plain fabric.
  • Video quality should be at least 1080p (Full HD). You can shoot such a video using a digital camera or a phone of the level of iPhone 6, Samsung Note 3, etc.
  • Before shooting, lock the phone or camera and adjust the zoom. The distance to the device should be at least 30-40 cm. Check that the device is in focus and the text on the phone screen is clearly visible. If you have autofocus enabled, it is better to disable it. Since when you take / lay the phone on the table, the focus will be lost.
  • Shoot videos in daylight. Shooting under artificial lighting is not welcome. If it is not possible to shoot a video in daylight, make sure that the lamps do not reflect on the phone at the time of shooting.
  • The sound in the video is not important / not needed.
  • Print a page from the control panel on a color printer first. Print so that you can see the site logo and the result of your order: https://imei-server.com/userpanel/orders_statistic?type=nck&status=orders.completed&activeMenu=2


Requirements and Cautions
  1. Do not hold the phone in your hands while shooting. During shooting, the device should lie on a table.
  2. It is forbidden to remove the device out of frame in whole or in part.
  3. It is forbidden to stop the video/pause during the shooting.
  4. It is forbidden to use any "special effects" in the video. We will deal with video processing. No need to try to “improve” anything before sending it to us.
  5. Pay attention to how you fixed the camera / phone at the time of shooting. After downloading to a computer, the video should not be “sideways” (when you need to tilt your head to view it).
Scenario of the shooting process:
  1. Before shooting, place a printed page with codes on the table. Next to it put your phone, the unlock of which you will do and a SIM card that you will install.
  2. Turn on the recording, after 2 seconds, begin to install the SIM card and turn on the phone.
  3. After turning on the phone, you will be asked to enter the code. Put the printed page with the codes under the phone so that you can clearly see the codes that you will enter, as well as the numbers that you will dial on the phone itself. Code entry speed - 1 character in 2 seconds. If there are several codes in your result, enter them one by one until a message about successful unlocking appears.
  4. After the message that the phone is unlocked appears, wait 3 seconds. Open the dial pad and use the combination * # 06 # to show the device’s IMEI. In this case, the IMEI should be visible on the page with the codes that was printed. IMEI show 4 seconds.
  5. Make a call to a mobile operator. Call duration approximately 10 seconds.


Upload video
Name the video file correctly:
Brand _Model_ (Short Model) _Operator _Country _Date of shooting video_IMEI
Example video file name:
Unlock_Samsung_Galaxy_S4_ (SGH-i337) _Vodafone_Germany_10-01-2014_357896450216480.avi
15 digits is the IMEI of your device.
Upload the file to GOOGLE DRIVE www.drive.google.com. It is forbidden to upload videos to YouTube. We will do this if your video meets our requirements.
Send a NEW support letter to support@imei-server.com. In the subject line, indicate the name of the video file. Example letter:
Subject: Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGH-i337) Vodafone Germany 10-01-2014 357896450216480
Text of the letter:
Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGH-i337) Vodafone Germany 10-01-2014 357896450216480
www.drive.google.com [your link to the video]
The request will transfer money to the login: [here indicate your login on the site imei-server.com]
Payment for video
  • In the period from 7 to 20 business days (excluding weekends and holidays), you will receive an answer from the support site on your video.
  • The site administration has the right to refuse to accept and pay for the video if any of the above requirements is violated.
  • If we will accept the video, you will receive a notification from the support of the site that we aded credits and that you can cash money from the site to your WMZ wallet.



#2Referral system (status: works in beta mode from 02/12/2018)

ATTENTION: The referral system works in beta mode - all expenses and charges are checked manually for the correctness and correctness of calculations, as well as the absence of bugs. In this regard, delays in the processing of applications are possible.

The principle of the referral system: everyone who registered on the site in the control panel has a link (https://imei-server.com/userpanel/referal?type=other&a1ctiveMenu=9)
Everyone who has registered in your “link” is assigned your account. When you purchase any goods and services on the site, you will receive% of each purchase of ALL users who have been registered using your “link”.
For example, posting a link once on a forum with great popularity, you can attract a large number of customers throughout the forum. Ways / resources you can use: forums, blogs, message boards, any sites, comments, social networks, mailings to your friends / colleagues, etc.
The list of purchases of your referrals can be found here https://imei-server.com/userpanel/referal?type=other&activeMenu=9
Payments are made to your balance on the site, with the possibility of withdrawing funds
Important: the money will be available for withdrawal 3 weeks after the successful processing of the order of your referrer. This is the period during which the client can apply for verification of the result of the order and demand cancellation. After the specified period,% will go to your balance for all successfully processed orders.

#3Cashback per review - from 5 to 60 $

Cashback from imei-server.com - take the time to leave a review about the received service and tell about us on your pages in social networks and get a cashback for your order! How it works? Everything is simple and convenient.
1. Do you have an order in the status of "Completed" for an amount of $ 6 or more
2. You left feedback on this service at least:
- any three third-party sites otzovikov with a link to our site / service,
- one review in the reviews section of our site
- one review on any forum or page in any social network you visit (VK, Facebook) with a link to our website / service
3. You sent a support letter with the subject "Cashback" in support and indicated in it:
- Your login on the site
- 5 links to your reviews
Subject to the above conditions, an amount of $ 2-5 will be added to your balance on our website within 5-12 business days. The amount of the payment will depend on the text of the review and the quality of the links. If you post your review on more sites, the payout for the review will be maximum.
If you post reviews with a link to the service on specialized resources, the size of the Cashback will be larger (w3bsit3-dns.com forum - $ 40, GSM forum - $ 15, Mobile-files forum - $ 10).
IMPORTANT: To pay for cashback on such a feedback, at least 14 working days must pass after the review is posted so that your feedback is moderated on the indicated resources. Applications submitted earlier than the deadlines will be ignored.
Credits added to your balance can be withdrawn from the site in accordance with clause 9 of the Site Rules.
1. For services worth up to $ 5, cashback is not paid
2. For the same order, you can get Cashback only 1 time.
3. One client can receive an unlimited number of times Cashback for different orders, if all conditions are met.
4. To receive cashback, all 3 conditions are required.

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