Enabling Services "USA Verizon iPhone Clean" 09.01.2020

Enabling Services
An unlock is available for iPhone owners with a lock for Verizon USA! For unlocking, all iPhone models are supported. Namely, those that are not in the operator’s blacklist and have been used on the Verizon network for at least 60 days. The service works in test mode. The chances of successful unlocking for this service are 30-70%. In case of failure, you will receive an answer: "REJECTED Not Found" and you will be able to apply for withdrawing money from the system.
The list of supported activation policies has also expanded. Unlocking devices with the following data:
Next Activation Policy ID: 2387
Next Activation Policy: US Verizon Locked Policy
Next Activation Policy ID: 2320
Next Activation Policy: US GSM & Verizon iPhone 6/6 Plus Service Policy
Next Activation Policy ID: 2020
Next Activation Policy: US Verizon CDMA Service Policy
Hurry to place your order while the service is available!
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