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All financial matters

  • A loan is a monetary unit on our website. 1 loan = 1 $ (USD) Before buying loans, you must first register on our website. Registering on the site will give you access to all the functions available to our customers.
    On the payment methods page, enter the required number of credits, for example 15 ($ 15) and select a convenient payment method for transferring money.
    You can pay with any currency of the World, and the commission and rate depend on the payment system. When paying, you will see the amount you want to transfer.
    After the transfer of money, loans will automatically appear on your account to purchase the necessary service.
  • You can pay for services on our website with any plastic credit and debit cards. But the main condition is that your card must be open to pay for services on the Internet. To open your card, if you have not bought services and goods online before, contact your bank.

  • The amount payable increases for several reasons:
    - the exchange rate of electronic money is always higher than the cash rate (the exchange rate is not set by us, but by the payment system that you choose);
    - The commission of the payment system is added for the fact that you transfer payment through them to us.
    We get exactly the number of credits indicated on the order page.
  • The price depends on the brand and model of the phone, and for some services, and on the operator on which the smartphone is locked. The price for the service is displayed in the upper left corner of the page.

  • We can unlock your model phone, tablet or modem for free. To do this, you must make sure that your model is not on the page in the list of supported devices for unlocking. After that, you need to register on the site and on the forum, then create a topic on the forum. In the subject you must indicate: login (which is registered on the site!), IMEI, model, type of device (tablet or phone), country / operator on which it is locked, take a photo of the screen where the device asks for a code with someone else's SIM card and a photo of the back of the device under the battery, upload these photos to any photo exchanger such as FotoLink.su and paste the links into your message. After creating a topic, buttons for social networks will appear in it (Facebook, Google+, VK, Twitter, Yandex, LiveJournal), you need to make a choice of at least 3 reposts (links in your social networks must be indicated in your message). 

  • In order to earn from us up to $ 50, you need to remove the unlock video for your device, the unlock code for which was ordered from us. To make sure that someone didn’t make such a video before you will do it, need to write a letter to support@imei-server.com with the question about a video for your model.
    Video requirements are listed in the Earn section.
  • Yes, except in cases where the code did not come by a client error.

  • You should re-read paragraph 8 of the Site Rules, the conditions of which you accepted during registration. For reading follow the link.

  • Impossible. The site rules indicate:
    8.9. Violation of the terms of the order can not be the basis for cancellation of such an order, regardless of the length of the delay. This condition applies to all services on our site.
  • You need to write to support service support@imei-server.com. Indicate all payment details with a screen, not a file, but with text: your login on the site, to which number / account, from which number / account (terminal), exact date / time, note if any, name of payer, phone number, using which payment system was made the payment: Liqpay, Privat24, VISA \ Master card and so on.
    Before writing to the support service support@imei-server.com, we recommend that you look at the payment status on the payment system website.
    Please note that the site imei-server.com accepts payment only by the methods presented on the site in the Payment Methods section.
  • The withdrawal procedure is described in detail in paragraph 9 of the Site Rules.

    9. Withdrawal of credits from the system
    9.1. To withdraw credits from the system, send a letter in support of the site: support@imei-server.com
    Enter the subject of the letter: "withdrawal of credits"
    Specify the text of the letter:
    1. Your username on the site
    2. The amount you want to withdraw
    3. Your correct PayPal
    9.2. The user assumes full responsibility in the event of incorrect / incorrect PayPal data
    9.3. Terms for processing the application for withdrawal of money are from 7 to 30 working days (excluding weekends and holidays).
    9.4. The withdrawal of credits from the system is possible only on PayPal wallets. Submission of applications for withdrawal to any other purses is impossible and not discussed. There are no alternative ways to withdraw money from the system.
  • Wholesale prices or special conditions for the purchase of goods and services on the site are discussed individually. If you are interested in discounts or bulk purchases, write to us at support@imei-server.com - what goods and in what quantity are you interested in.

  • The answer to this question is given in the Site Rules in the second paragraph:
    2.9. The user's balance does not have a "storage period" and will be available even if the user has not used the services of our site for a long time.
  • The answer to this question is given in the Site Rules in the second paragraph:
    2.8. User balance is an internal balance that is available only to the account holder and the transfer of funds from one balance to another is excluded.
  • Re-write to the site's mail support@imei-server.com

  • It is impossible to check in advance whether there are unlock codes in the database for your model. The fact of the order - this is a request to the database to receive information on your IMEI.

  • IPhone owners can pre-check their device for blacklisting by ordering the verification service in the section - Checks for GSM BLACKLIST-status for iPhone, iPad
    Owners of other brands of smartphones can find out whether their gadget is blacklisted only after ordering the basic service to unlock the phone from a mobile operator.

General issues

  • Have you purchased a smartphone / phone / tablet abroad or simply found the device on the street and cannot use it due to the security code, or is the phone locked to one mobile operator and unable to work with local telecom operators? Our site will try to help you. We will help you to remove restrictions from the phone, we will pick up a secret code (hereinafter - NCK or “unlock code”) to unlock the phone, which will allow you to use the phone with any SIM card of any mobile operator in the world.

  • A separate section is devoted to this issue - Reliability guarantees of the site imei-server.com

  • The manufacturer prescribes information about the country code and the operator code (MCC - Mobile Country Code / MNC-Mobile Network Code) with which it should work with in the phone’s memory. At the moment of switching on, the phone compares this data with the information on the SIM card. If the SIM card does not meet the specified parameters, the phone will display an error message and require you to enter a pin code that will allow the device to work with a “foreign” SIM card. The request to enter the code may look different, examples:

    • PIN- код разблокировки сети для SIM-карты
    • SIM Network unlock PIN
    • Enter Network Lock Control Key
    • PIN de desbloqueio da rede SIM

    Entering the correct key code is required only once. After the phone has accepted the unlock code, you can carry out any manipulations with it - update, install various software, do a factory reset and it will never be blocked again by the mobile provider.

  • No. All services of our site are provided remotely. To complete the unlock, we just need to know the IMEI and model of your device.

  • If the description of the service you ordered says that in the case of a non-working code, the provider accepts applications with a video for cancellation, submit an application to check the order. Application conditions are described in clause 8 of the Site Rules:

    8.5. If you successfully receive the codes for Samsung, LG, Alcatel, ZTE, Vodafone, Nokia, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Motorola, lenovo (or other brands), if the unlock code /codes did not work and in the service description is noted, that we can provide cancellation based on an application with a video, then the video must meet the following requirements:
    - Video quality must be at least 720p
    - The device menu must be in English only.
    - The video should consist of one video, without pauses and stops/
    - The device should be in constant focus and entirely in the frame, shot with good external lighting
    - Shoot the video so that the device was in a vertical position (the application "sideways" to the cancellation is not accepted)
    - Show the IMEI device through *#06#
    - Show how many attempts to enter the code.
    - Next, the process of entering all the received codes (for phones based on Android, it is mandatory to make Hard-Reset process, then entering the Code)
    - The code entry process should be slow - 1 character in 2 seconds
    - If you have wrong data Apple ID, show in the video request to enter the data Apple ID clearly, with a good focus (also a few seconds).
    - Do not add anything to the plot of the video!
    Video on cancellation of the order must be provided within 72 hours after the order is executed or earlier, if the service description indicates other terms. if you don't have time to provide the video evidence the wrong code, a refund credits is impossible. Videos taken with violation of any of these requirements will be rejected. After recording a video, you need to upload it to youtube.com and make access it. Access to the video should be as follows: "Available to those who have the link" (not "Private"). If everything is done correctly, click on the "check" button opposite the result for this order in the Control Panel and copy the link in the "Link to video from youtube" field. Sending an application - expect a response from the site support, do not duplicate requests. The average time to resolve a problem request is from 5 to 10 working days. The maximum time limit for resolving the issue is 30 working days, excluding days off from the moment the application for order verification is submitted.
    8.6. In case of successful receipt of codes on the model Samsung, LG, Alcatel, ZTE, Vodafone, Nokia, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Motorola, lenovo (or other brands), for a device that does not request code entry, or if you have already exhausted all attempts to enter the code, applications for verification for such orders will be rejected. Prior to the ordering of the service, the client must ensure that the code can be entered and there are attempts to enter the code. In case if there are attempts to enter the code, but there are not enough of them (they may not be enough to enter all received codes), the customer takes the risks for the formation of such an order.
  • IMEI consists of 15 digits, but the 15th digit is a control, it is generated from the first 14 digits according to a certain algorithm. You need to enter the first 14 digits in the service order form, and the 15th digit will automatically appear in the last cell.

  • The abbreviation IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identifier.
    In fact - IMEI, this is a unique number for each mobile phone, which is installed at the factory by the manufacturer and is used to accurately and completely identify the phone on the network. IMEI is stored in a special part of the phone’s memory and actually plays the role of the serial number of the device.
    Usually this number consists of 15 digits, but there are exceptions. The IMEI of your device is needed to unlock your smartphone / phone / tablet. You can learn IMEI by pressing * # 06 # on your phone. When ordering a service, only the first 15 digits that are before the fraction should be indicated.
    For iPhone, you can see IMEI immediately when you turn on the device by clicking on the circle in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • If you have an iPhone and you don’t know which operator it is blocked on, order the service - Check iPhone, iPad by IMEI [GSX].
    For Nokia, you can verify the operator through the service - Nokia - information on IMEI (+ operator verification)
    For Samsung, you can check the operator through the service - Samsung - information on IMEI (+ operator check)
    For Sony, you can check the operator through the service - Sony - IMEI information (+ operator check)
  • In most cases, to unlock the phone, the original operator’s SIM card is not required. If you need a SIM card, this information will be indicated in the description of the service.

  • Blacklist is a list consisting of IMEI devices that have a not-so-clean history. The reasons for getting smartphones in Blacklist are different. Distinguish between police and camera blacklists.
    Blacklist cops get IMEIs that belong to devices that registered claims from their legal owners about theft or loss. And the operator’s Blacklist usually contains the IMEI of those devices for which the operator has financial claims against the owner of the device.
    If your IMEI is in the black list, you can receive the following notification: “Not clean”, “Blacklisted”, “Blocked”, “Barred”, “In contract”, “Denied”, “Lost”, “Stolen”, “Stoplisted " and other.
    In addition to refusing to unlock due to Blacklisted, operators may refuse with the following reasons:
    - Not clean - for at least one reason from the list above.
    - Not found - IMEI was not found in the main Operator Database, most often due to untimely activation or problems with the contract or billing.
    - Barred (Forbidden) - almost the same as Blacklisted, but due to debts on billing or contract.
    - Lost / Stolen.
    In detail about what is a blacklist, you can find in the material at the link

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