Furious Gold ALCATEL MTK UNLOCK TOOL - updated to version

Furious Gold ALCATEL MTK UNLOCK TOOL - updated to version

Furious Gold is an essential solution to restore, unlock and flashing a lot of different models of mobile phones. Pack 8 is in addition to Furious Gold. It enables for users of Furious Gold to unlock the phone such brands as Vodafone, Motorola, Alcatel. The one of its modules was recently renovated to version, namely this module is ALCATEL MTK UNLOCK TOOL. It is included in the Pack 8 and it is a set of licenses. This version will be particularly relevant for users of phone company Alcatel, because the complete functionality was added for model of brand ALCATEL OT-819 and OT-214. The support for other brands of phones was refined and extended too.

Updates in release Furious Gold

The new release of the module for the ALCATEL was the implementation of the following updates:
• It was added full functional support for phones OT-819 and OT-214, and specifically the possibility of counting the codes. A full image flash of the firmware and the restoration of secure region were also added.
• It was added the ability to flash a full image of the flash memory and calculation codes for model OT-602. Since these models use different versions of the firmware, then the user must always select full image flash on the appropriate file protection (golden secure file) to restore the secure region.
• It was added the ability to complete the firmware image to flash memory devices with Dual SIM, namely OT-602D and OT-813D.
• It was added the ability to restore secure region for phone Dual SIM, specifically OT-355D, OT-806D, OT-506D, OT-255D, as well as models such as OT-813D, OT-710D, OT-807D. For OT-710D, OT and OT-602D-506D use different firmware, so to restore the safety zone must choose "full image flash"-function with the corresponding golden secure.
• It has also been improved by the ability to restore the security zone for the OT-710 and similar models with dual SIM OT-710D.

Please note that this version requires the upgrade of the electronic key (dongle).

Available Furious Gold Pack (Activation):

Furious Gold Pack and activations for unlock

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