Furious Gold update for ZTE

Furious Gold update for ZTE

Furious-team has released yet another version ofor Furious Gold called
Furious Gold QCOM SMART TOOLv1.0.0.6738. Recall that Furious Gold is one of the most user-friendly easy-to-use tools to unlock the mobile phone, the list of supported devices includes about 900 items and 40 different brands.
This time the list was supplemented by such items as:

  • ORANGE ATLANTA (Orange Romania),
  • ZTE F116 H3G ITALY
  • ZTE F203 TELSTRA Australia
  • ZTE T54 TELSTRA Australia

all this models World First!

  • ZTE T3020 with blocked counter direct unlock (Direct Unlock) also first in the world

NOTE 1: DONGLE REQUIRE UPDATE! All drivers are added to support!
Note 2: T3020 with blocked counter, to unlock just re-read the code and unlock!

Available Furious Gold Pack (Activation):

Furious Gold Pack and activations for unlock

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