FURIOUSGOLD PACK13 for BlackBerry MEP0, Nokia Lumia and Samsung

FURIOUSGOLD PACK13 for BlackBerry MEP0, Nokia Lumia and Samsung

New universal set of  FURIOUSGOLD PACK13 software has been released, including all the unique and exclusive functions for the unlock of Blackberry, Nokia and Samsung smartphones. The following features are included into the number of characteristics of this version:

  • Directunlock of Blackberry smartphones, including the smartphones with the new algorithm of protection;
  • Exclusive capabilities for repair/reset of Blackberry smartphones (Resetlifetimer, function of Refurbish, Vendor ID and logo change capability, MEP form based on NCK and etc);
  • Blackberry OS10 smartphones support;
  • Unique Codes Reader for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone;
  • IMEI recovery and phone refurbishment;
  • Direct unlock of Samsung smartphones and IMEI recovery of new models;
  • More than 10 manuals and over 10 traning videomaterials are available in FURIOUSGOLD PACK13 for the unlock of BlackBerry MEP0, Nokia Lumia и Samsung.

Activations for FURIOUSGOLD PACK13

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