GET DC-Unlocker Dongle Lite!

GET DC-Unlocker Dongle Lite!
Get DC-Unlocker Dongle Lite for free! Attention, the number of dongles is limited!
To participate in the promotion:
1. Contact with the subject "I want to get DC-Unlocker Dongle Lite!" and send the data for dongle delivery (country, city, postal code, name of the recipient, phone).
2. We will tell you the cost of dongle delivery to your city and coordinate the shipment.
ATTENTION: the cost of delivery is paid by the recipient of the dongle. Sending is carried out by state postal companies. The goods are in the Kiev warehouse (Ukraine).
Any user can request a dongle, but regular customers are in priority.
Don't miss the opportunity to expand the range of devices available for unlocking! For more information about the features of the dongle, see the information at the link: dc-unlocker
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    • Attention: On 01/25/2022, stocks ran out. The promotion is over! :)