Нам доверяют

  • Warranty

    Business Level (BL) WebMoney site account ~ 1100!

  • Wide geography

    The largest in terms of customer orders in the CIS countries

  • Official reseller

    GSM \ CDMA dealer of products: Omnius, Cruiser supreme, Dc-Unlocker, Xorox Tool, TestBox2, Mkey, SeTool box

  • Reliability

    WebMoney account of our site is assigned a certificate of "Seller"

  • First automated

    The process of paying for the order, receiving the result, is fully automated

    The reasons why you can trust our site:

    • the first automated (the process of payment of the order <-> receiving the result, fully automated).
    • official reseller (dealer) of GSM \ CDMA products: Cruiser supreme, Dc-Unlocker, Xorox Tool, TestBox2, Mkey, SeTool box.
    • WebMoney account registered in 2003.
    • WebMoney account assigned "Merchant" certificate
    • Business Level (BL) WebMoney site account ~ 1100!

    The site has successfully passed the verification of major payment systems:

    • added to the Megastock.ru catalog (this means that the site meets the requirements of the WebMoney payment system and cannot be a fraud site, otherwise all the site’s accounts are immediately blocked and proceedings are ongoing in the arbitration system)
    • Liqpay.com (Online payment by any credit card of the World VISA \ MasterCard)
    • Privat24.ua (payment by any VISA \ MasterCard credit card)
    • "E-Commerce Cash", an agreement is made
    • an online payment system is connected an agreement has been concluded with Robokassa payment acceptance: Qiwi, payment via SMS, Yandex money, EasyPay, Wallet Eleksnet, Money Mail.ru. etc.

    Our Business Level ~ 1100!

    You can check it by the link to the Webmoney certificate
    What is a Webmoney Business Level (BL aka Business Level) - this is a public characteristic of the level of business activity of a Webmoney account, which is calculated based on the number of money transactions, in this case, from our customers.
    In other words, the more we accept payments from customers, the higher the level of the Business Level.
    For example, the average business site level for “electronic money exchange” is ~ 500 (despite the fact that they have dozens of times more exchange transactions than our sales of goods and services) and 500 is a good indicator, with such BL you can trust.

    Wide geography of users:

    To date, we have developed our base of regular and wholesale customers, service centers, telephone repair engineers, individual entrepreneurs and large mobile equipment stores.
    There is a system of wholesale and individual prices on the site, for all sites that deal with unlocking, an affiliate program.


    Cases of "black PR" as an instrument of unscrupulous competitors have become more frequent.
    For example, in some forums where the discussion of the activities of our company is being held, the negative image is intensified by some moderators and users of the forum, especially moderators of competitors who offer their (!) Services in those forums.
    We try to monitor such topics, but technically this is far from always possible.
    A big request to everyone, if you see somewhere a discussion without our participation, let us know about it in any way convenient for you, on this page in the comments, you can email support@imei-server.com
    Thank you for understanding.