How know what operator locked iPhone and SIM Lock status by IMEI?

How know what operator locked iPhone and SIM Lock status by IMEI?

Often the question arises:
How can an operator Apple iPhone for those users who want to unlock your iPhone from GSM operator but does not know or have doubts about the exact origin of your phone to a specific network mobile operator.

Before purchasing, users are often the question arises: How do I know SIM Lock status of the iPhone or how to find out who is locked on iPhone, as it is very important information for those who want to formally unlock your iPhone from operator but does not know or doubt the precise origin of the phone to a specific mobile operator (carrier) and does not know the SIM lock status: locked \ not locked smartphone.

Before unlocking iPhone, you must complete a 100% sure to know on what the operator is locked iPhone.
This is due to the fact that very few operators in the world support the full unlock your iPhone from the operator.
Thus, in order to get the Full unlock your phone, you must choose from a list of available operators and order your unlock (if you do not see your service provider then it is not supported).

In list of services our site have two utilities that can help you:

This service shows information for any model IMEI Apple iPhone:


Example for first (Apple iPhone by IMEI information) services:

iPhone 4S 16GB White 5.1
serial: C38GGYQNDTD2
warranty coverage: Limited Warranty
purchase country: United Kingdom
carrier: T-Mobile United Kingdom

An example for the second (Apple iPhone\iPad check carrier/lock Status):

IMEI: 0123360090******
Out of Warranty: 2010-07-07
Sold to country: United Kingdom
Carrier: vodafone United Kingdom
SIM-Lock Status: Locked
Network Status: Not Authorised

There is another way to determine from which country the iPhone and locked it or not the operator - the serial number, but this method requires a complete list of serial numbers on which to search for the SN.
The method for determining which country the iPhone and locked or not the operator of IMEI is much easier and safer.

To obtain information on IMEI iPhone do the following:

Useful links:

General information about official Full unlock Apple iPhone by IMEI, instruction
Full supported carriers for unlock Apple iPhone by IMEI


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    MEID: 99 000278 553974
    IMEI: 99000278553974
    ICCID: 8955 0317 0009 0193 3560

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    i phone 5s gold
    if you can help me to activate i cloud
    IMEI 01 384600 247503 7
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    i need any one help me.
    i lose every thing about activate me iPhone e-mail and password and all think about it.
    Product Type: iPhone 5,2 16GB
    IMEI: 013629009762650
    Serial Number: F17L8R9ADTWD
    Model Number: MD297

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    IMEl;01 305900 5865119
    ICCID:8997 2020 3152 0532 98F
    For I am poor Osmhto not my money