How many codes do you need to unlock Samsung [NCK + MCK + RGCK]?

How many codes do you need to unlock Samsung [NCK + MCK + RGCK]?

If in your hands was locked Samsung and you were happy to find that there are many services for ordering codes for such a phone, do not rush to make your order. To your attention an article on how to determine  which codes you need to unlock Samsung and how not to make a mistake when selecting a service.


1. Define the blocking type: NCK or RGCK
First of all, it is necessary to understand which blocking is involved:
NCK = SIM_Unlock = Network Lock = Network Unlock Code = SIM Network Unlock PIN - different designations for blocking from a specific operator. If you know exactly that the phone worked / works only with SIM cards of the same operator, then it will be enough for you to enter one NCK code and get an unlock.
RGCK = Region Unlock Code = EXTRA - different designations to show blocking to a specific country or region. Such a phone will accept SIM cards from any operators, but only in a specific country / region. Most often there are smart phones, on the box of which it says "European Sim card only" or "American Sim card only". To unlock this phone, you just need to enter only the RGCK code and get an unlock.
PROVIDER = SPCK = SP_Lock = Service Provider Lock - different designations to show blocking to the service provider. This is an additional lock from the operator, which is quite rare. There is no way to check whether this additional unlock code is required or not. The codes for this level of locking are most often needed to unlock devices from the Asia region. But there were cases when such a code was required for unlock from Russian operators.
SUBPROVIDER = PCK = Provider lock - different designations to show blocking to the service provider.  This is an additional lock from the operator, which is also rare as SP_Lock.
MCK = DEFREEZE = Unfreeze - different notations for the "defrost" code, which is needed if you mistakenly repeatedly entered the wrong unlock code (NCK or RGCK) and now the device does not accept the correct code. This code is not an unlock code - it is the so-called "reset attempts" code. After entering this code, the phone displays a "successful" message, and then prompts you to re-enter the unlock code: NCK or RGCK. It is important to note that Samsung phones do not have a menu where you can check the number of attempts to enter the code. So if you have a used device in your hands, it's impossible to understand if the unlock codes were entered earlier or not.
If you do not have information about where and with which operators your phone worked before and you do not even know roughly which country / region it was purchased in, you can determine the type of blocking by IMEI check:  Samsung – Network Check by IMEI [Online information]. Show the result of the check to the consultant of our site and it will help you to choose the service for unlocking:


2. Choose the service: the number of codes / price / terms
At this stage, we already know exactly what code we need - NCK or RGCK. So when choosing a service, pay attention first of all to the number of codes in a particular service (whether the required code is there).
It is important to know that codes are usually provided with "kits". If the service says that it provides several codes, it is impossible to order one of them separately, for example, only RGCK or only Unfreeze. But there are services that provide only one NCK unlock code, they are cheaper than services that provide codes of all lock levels. Thus, the price for a service primarily depends on the number of codes, as well as on the timing of the order.
But we recommend, if possible, to choose a service that provides codes of all lock levels. The unlock codes are always correct. In case unlock is not successful, and you had all the existing codes for this IMEI, you will know exactly: the reason should be searched in the phone and its firmware. If you had one code, you will not know where to look for the problem. Perhaps you just did not have the necessary code (PROVIDER, SUBPROVIDER or Unfreeze).
Codes for Samsung, depending on the service, can be requested from the operator (only NCK code) or from the manufacturer's database (2 or more codes). But whoever was the source of the codes, the codes everywhere will be the same. There are cases when there are no codes in the database when requesting through different services and the client receives a response - "Not found". If you received such an answer, it is unlikely that you will be able to get the codes for this IMEI on another resource.
To unlock the phone for which there are no codes, it is possible through the cable with the help of special boxes for unlocking [Z3X, Octopus, Medusa, Infinity BOX]. But this unlock is carried out directly in the service centers, and not remotely.
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