How to remove iCloud account previous iPhone user?

How to remove iCloud account previous iPhone user?

If you have an iPhone or iPad on which there is an activation lock and you need to remove the Apple ID password, will tell you how to do this. This is a step-by-step instruction on how to remove iCloud from any clean phone sold in Russia with a 100% chance.


1. Guaranteed 100% remove iCloud from iPhone can be if your device is not lost and not erased (the standard wording is "Lost/ Erased/Stolen"). It's about iPhone, which is CLEAN, and the former owner did not announce its loss. If this is your device (iPhone ID is simply forgotten) and you have no doubt that the phone is clean, you can proceed with the next step, but if you bought a used iPhone and are not sure what its status is, we recommend you to order a check iCloud ID: Clean Lost Erased Stolen by IMEI, which will clearly answer this question.

It is worth noting that not always for phones in the status of lost / stolen message from the former owner on the screen is displayed. And the fact that you have an Apple ID data request without a notice of loss, does not yet prove that the iPhone is really clean. In addition, in some cases, the status message "lost" can appear only after the firmware has been installed through iTunes. So to show the exact information about the device can only check.

2. The next important step is to get data about your device:
  • company seller
  • exact date of purchase

To remove the lock, this information is extremely important, but quite often the purchase receipt is not saved / lost, so Apple refuses to accept your request to disconnect iCloud. But not everything is so bad, even if you did not save this data, then you can request the necessary information by checking the Check iPhone, iPad - "Sold by": [country and date of sale] by IMEI. If iPhone from which you want to remove the lock was sold in Russia, then in your verification result the seller will be listed as follows (one of the options):


  • Product Sold by: MARCO LTD 
  • Product Sold by: HASKEL LLC 
  • Product Sold by: RESTORE LLC 
  • Product Sold by: DIHOUSE LLC 
  • Product Sold by: OJSC MEGAFON 
  • Product Sold by: M.VIDEO MANAGEMENT LLC
  • Product Sold by: Russia Reseller

In each of these cases, the iCloud password can be deleted without problems. All that is needed for this is to order the service: Removing iCloud [Clean: Russia]: 99% SUCCESS The chances of ordering this service are really 100%, but only for devices that you have not yet contacted Apple yourself. In case the IMEI is not "fresh," you asked Apple to turn off the lock and received a denial, all subsequent calls, even with genuine documents, will be rejected, as the "call history" contains data about all previous requests. For a phone that has already been accessed, we can accept the order, but the chances of successful removal are reduced.

If you are interested in removing a lock for devices sold in other countries or in the status of Lost / Stolen, consult us through and we will help you find the right service.
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  • donna
    IP: 2.219.33.XXX
    06.07.2020 02:05:40

    iv just got this iphone a1332 of my boyfriends mum but cant get into it cause off i cloud account. my partners mum can not rember ever having an i cloud account so iv made new apple id and password done that put it in iphone and still nothing pls will you remove icloude off model number a1332 for me pls all the invormation i know is is her name which is marein and lives in ashurst southampton hampshire

    • donna, Please consult us via chat or mail