How to restore a purchase receipt for iPhone?

How to restore a purchase receipt for iPhone?

In this article, we'll look at the possibility of recovering a lost check about buying an iPhone, and we will also determine the most frequent mistakes, because of which Apple's official support rejects requests for disabling iCloud lock.

If your iPhone /iPad requests an Apple ID login and password that you do not remember, then to turn off the FMI (Find My IPhone) you will need to provide Apple employees with a receipt confirming the purchase of this device. How to restore a check if it is long lost?

There are two ways to restore the check, let's look at each of the options.
  1. Turn to the seller at the location of buying an iPhone and ask for a copy of your receipt. To do this, you need to know exactly where the device was purchased, and it is desirable to remember the approximate date of purchase (month, year).
  2. Request a paid check the date and place of sale, which is available from Apple data base and try to recover the data yourself.
How to restore a lost check through the seller?

If you do not have any data about the seller, you can try to restore them, so that later you could contact the seller with a request to provide you with a copy of the purchase receipt. Let's look at what kind of information and in what form can be obtained by ordering a paid check on the place and date of sale by IMEI or SN (serial number) and what can be done with it after?

Some iPhone owners mistakenly believe that a paid check on IMEI - Check "Sold by" [country and date of sale] should show the information in approximately this way:

IMEI: 352089098420021
Country: Russian Fed.
Address: Moskva, Dmitrovskoye shosse, 15k2, ofis 6
Dateofsale: 21/09/17
In fact, this is not the case at all. Data on Apple servers never contains a sales point address. And the real results of the checks may at first glance seem "confusing" and incomprehensible. Let's look at some examples.
Coverage Status:Apple Limited Warranty
Coverage End Date:  23/02/19
Estimated Purchase Date:    24/02/18
Purchased In:United States
Coverage Status: Out Of Warranty (No Coverage) Estimated Purchase Date: 10/08/14
Purchased In: Russian Fed.
Loaner: N
IMEI Number: 01366100786****
Serial Number: DX6L4MDADPMW
Find My iPhone: 
iCloud Status: CLEAN
Coverage Status: Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)
Purchased In: Russian Fed.
Estimated Purchase Date: 08/11/13
Registered Purchase Date: 08/11/13
Apple ID: е*****
  • As seen in the three examples above, the results of the checks from the server always come in English. If you do not speak English well, this information can be translated quickly and easily through Google Translate.
  • We are looking for the line "Product Sold by:". In this line, the seller company will be indicated. We copy the name of the company into a search engine, for example "SVYAZNOY LOGISTICS" and start looking for an official website or the real address of the nearest office. On the first page when requesting via Google, we find the company's website: Next, our task is to contact the company's support and clarify how you can restore a lost check and what you need for this. Since the verification indicates the exact date of purchase, this can help in this matter. We did not find out what kind of information the representatives of the seller's company may demand from you (as each company may have its own requirements), but you will need to prove / confirm that you are the owner of this device. The presence of a box or a check for warranty service can help in this. If you are asked to indicate the exact address of the store of the network where the device was purchased, then in the worst case, you will need to call each of the stores of the company with the same question - check the availability / possibility of printing a receipt for sale.
  • Important! If there is no "Product Sold by:" line in your result, it means that the device was sold to Apple (Sold by: Apple), or for this phone, the board was replaced.
  • Information about the date of sale is contained in the line "Estimated Purchase Date". But, unfortunately, it is not always clear how to decode the date format, especially for devices from Russia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Emirates ...

If the iPhone for which you retrieved the data was sold in another country (Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Emirates, etc.) and you did not successfully communicate with representatives of the seller's company, you can always use paid services to remove the iCloud lock. For a complete list of services imei-server to remove the lock can be found in the section - Removing iCloud [Clean].

How to make a check on the sale yourself?

Some owners of blocked iPhones want to restore genuine data about the date and place of sale, then to use them to make a duplicate of the document "at home". In fact, we are talking about forgery of documents, which, as is known, is punishable in any country of the world and imei-server strongly does not recommend doing this.

But if you, in spite of everything, nevertheless decided to make a check about buying the iPhone yourself, then here's what you should know:

1. "Samples" of checks, which can be found in the Internet Network, are often fake. Such documents are often purposefully distributed in the network by various private services to minimize the "competition" among those who deal with the removal of the lock. So even if you "master Photoshop - 90lvl" - this may not bring the desired results.

2. Apple employees carefully check the document for authenticity:

  • - compliance of data on the date and seller;
  • - checking for correspondence of fonts,
  • - the type and position of the data on the page;
  • - the seller's logo;
  • - the correct amount and currency in the check (rubles, dollars, euro - depending on the country of sale);
  • - signs of processing in the graphics editor;
  • - the type and color of the check paper (may be important in certain cases).

3. If you skilfully "drew" a check, printed it, took a photo of the document and sent it in support, then an Apple employee will add it to the database and register your appeal. If your request will be canceled, the more attempts and requests you make, the less chance of success. In the worst case, this IMEI will be blocked in the Apple database with a note - "no longer accept applications for removing the lock iCloud".

If your iPhone or iPad is blocked by iCloud, you can with a high chance of success solve this problem with our help. Trusting us with an unlocking of iPhone, iPad or any other device, you get the basic guarantees: in case of failure, we always return the money!

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