How to see the UDID iPhone/iPad without iTunes

How to see the UDID iPhone/iPad without iTunes
Due to the fact that many users of iPhone and tablet iPad, applying for service restoration Account ID service iCloud, are not able to connect your mobile device to iTunes, we want to give a brief definition of the instruction code UDID Apple-devices without access to the service iTunes.

Instructions for determining the UDID iPhone/iPad without connecting to iTunes:

  • Connect your apple-device to your PC;
  • Go to "Device Manager"/"Controllers USB»;
  • Locate the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver, right-click and bring up the properties of the device;
  • In the window that appears, go to the "Information";
  • Find a way to copy the device;
  • The last 40 characters in the string and will UDID of your cell phone/ tablet Apple.
IMEI codes and UDID necessary to restore the Account ID on the service iCloud.
Order to restore, you can make the link -
If you need to remove the password to access your account iCloud, then use the service
Before ordering both services be sure to order the service
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