How to unlock an iPhone with a lock: "Chimaera Device Policy"?

How to unlock an iPhone with a lock:

Quite often on our site write clients who have an iPhone, blocked by an unusual type of lock: Next Tether Activation Policy Description: Chimaera Device Policy. We decided to find out what such a lock means and whether there are ways to circumvent it.


According to our observations, the problem has existed for a long time, but the number of cases of inclusion of such a blockage began to rise from February 2017. Situations are quite different, but it can not be said that the buyer was "guilty himself" and bought such a phone inadvertently. To understand what we are dealing with, let's look at a few real examples.

Chimaera Device Policy

The first case

iPhone 7 was bought on Ebay. Pre-checked for lock status and for iCloud enabled. As a result of the checks, it turned out that the phone was not locked to the operator and the iCloud lock was OFF. In addition to paid checks, IMEI was tested with the help of Apple, where it was possible to find out that the phone is still under warranty and there should not be any problems. After a successful purchase, the new owner decided to restore iOS via iTunes, after which the phone ceased to be activated and issued the following message: "There is a problem with your iPhone. Please contact your carrier or AppleCare. "

Call customer to Apple on this occasion gave unexpected results. It turned out that for some unknown reason in their system this device is considered "not sold" and should be in the Apple store. The fact that the actual date of purchase is displayed on their website, warranty, etc., obviously surprised the Apple employee and with the words: "Yes, but this can not be .We will check everything!", They said good-bye to the client "until the circumstances were clarified ".

The second case

iPhone 7, which was bought officially. Over time, occurred a malfunction  and the phone was sent to the Apple service where was made the replacement. It's not clear how it happened, but this replaced phone gave the same problem to "Chimaera Device Policy" and the owner started communicating with Apple's second-level support. Communication took place both by phone and by e-mail. A week later, the owner was informed that the problem "can not be fixed" and even if the iPhone is replaced again, it will display the same error. The warranty for the device was messed upmessed up, and now the support service insisted that the phone with this IMEI was never activated at all. As the conflict came to a standstill, and support ceased to respond to emails, the owner intended to address this issue in the legal field, through the court.

Considering both situations, we can say with certainty that the source of the problem is failures directly in the Apple database. We managed to find out that the status of "Chimaera Applied" is assigned to devices that were not sold and which do not have a valid purchase date. It is assumed that the device is stolen, accordingly, it will not pass activation with any SIM card. In other words - this is the so-called Blacklist from Apple. How did the phones that were already in use fall into this status, we could not find out.

It is worth noting, the phones with this problem were both - unlocked and locked. Here are examples of results:


  • Activation Policy Details Operation Id: Applied Activation Details: Applied Activation PolicyID: 8cPu3VJgSBweBk0jJYHnt4V Unlock. 10 Bluetooth Mac Address: First Unbrick Date: ICCID: 21/09/16 IMEI Number: Initial Activation Policy Details: Initial Activation Policy ID 3591530781***** Unlock. Last Restore Date: Last Unbrick Date : Mac Address : MEID : Next Tether Policy Details : Next Tether Policy ID : Chimaera Device Policy 2365 Part Description: Product Version: Unbricked : iPhone 7 Plus 10.3.3 false Unlock Date: Unlocked : 21/09/16 true


  • Activation Policy Details Operation Id: Applied Activation Details: Applied Activation PolicyID: wSW1HNMGihktaj1q1IwE2J US AT&T Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Activation Policy 23 Bluetooth Mac Address: First Unbrick Date: ICCID: 15/10/16 IMEI Number: Initial Activation Policy Details: Initial Activation Policy ID 3592150700***** US AT&T Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Activation Policy Last Restore Date: Last Unbrick Date: Mac Address: MEID: Next Tether Policy Details: Next Tether Policy ID: Chimaera Device Policy 2365 Part Description: Product Version: Unbricked: iPhone 7 Plus 10.2.1 false Unlock Date: Unlocked: false

This activation policy has nothing to do with locking on any operator, accordingly, it can not be "unlocked" from it. For the same reason, the phone will not work through the R-SIM or GEVEY adapter and any of your manipulations (firmware in DFU mode, recovery via iTunes) will not solve this problem.

Assumptions that the status of "Chimaera Applied" are the consequences of the relock (*Relock - re-locking IMEI, which was previously unlocked) after unlocking by the WorldWide method are wrong and have no basis. In the case of a relock, the phone is always locked up again under the same operator's network as before. So if the previously unlocked via WorldWide phone turned out to be with the status of "Chimaera Applied" - it's a coincidence, not a regularity.

The situation looks pleased gloomy and desperate, but there is one "but" ... Apple's support staff has the right to initiate the unlocking of the Chimaera Device Policy device, if he has enough reason for this action. We managed to find internal instructions to Apple managers on this issue:

Original text:

"Follow the instructions in this procedure if GSX indicates that an Apple product is not eligible for repair because the unit is owned by Apple and Apple never authorized the sale of the unit.
1. Handling repairs for products owned by Apple
A. In some instances, GSX may indicate that an Apple product is owned by Apple and that Apple never authorized the sale of the device. Apple can’t provide service or support for the product unless the customer can provide a valid Proof of Purchase. Otherwise, please ask the customer to provide information about where and how the product was acquired and any contact information the customer may have for the previous owner or seller.
B. If you receive this message in GSX, ask your customer for a valid Proof of Purchase (POP):
This product is not eligible for service, please review OP787 for further instructions.
1) If customers believe they have a valid POP from an authorized reseller for the product, upload the POP to AppleCare Channel Support (ACS) via GSX Escalation. Within 24 business hours, ACS will review and respond to you whether or not service should continue.
2) If the customer cannot provide a valid POP, deny service and use the following positioning:
Our records show that this product is owned by Apple and that Apple never authorized the sale of the product. Because it appears that this product still belongs to Apple, Apple can’t provide service or support for it unless you can provide a valid proof of purchase.
Phone was never officially sold by Apple. Possibly stolen from stock or off the floor."


We also know of successful cases of "unlocking" the iPhone from the Chimaera Device Policy lock using Apple support. If you believe that your phone was not stolen by someone and got into this status by mistake, then you need to collect all documents confirming the fact of purchase and provide them in support of Apple. Obviously, the solution of the issue can be delayed for several weeks, but there are simply no other options.

We wish you not to get into situations like this and finally give some advice:

  1. There are no services for paid unlocking of devices from Chimaera Device Policy and, probably, never will be.
  2. If you failed to convince Apple support to unlock the device - such a phone can be immediately sold for parts.
  3. Before buying a used iPhone, we recommend ordering a full GSX report, which will help to avoid such a purchase. This report contains not only the locked / unlocked status, but also the Next Tether Policy Details line, which will accurately show if there is a problem.

Consult us on the issues of unlocking through and we will gladly answer all your questions.



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    There is a problem with this iphone
    Chimaera device policy

    No way to bypass the phone

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    i have boutght a iphone 14 pro max from facebook after update the software its says iphone cant activate and contact apple store look like customer claimed the insurance now what we ca do with this phone

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