HTC unlock code database 2012

HTC unlock code database 2012

Another New Year news from the - added a new service - HTC unlock code base 2012 year.
This service is for all the latest models of smartphones HTC completely across the range as before any operator of any country.

Our server is working around the clock, you get unblock HTC code for 10 minutes.

Already, it is relevant to some of the novelties of the HTC:

  • Chacha
  • Sensation
  • Sensation XE
  • Sensation 4G
  • Sensation XL
  • Legend
  • Titan
  • Explorer
  • Rhyme
  • Desire HD
  • all other device

These models are already available to the operator lock.
This database is fully contains all the previous old bases HTC:

HTC unblock key (contains NCK key to May 2010)
HTC unblock NCK 2011 (Introduced in May 2010 until November 2011 vlot) Making reset network lock by NCK key suspended 11/15/2011

If your phone has been sold since 15/11/2011 so reset network lock by NCK key must be ordered on the basis of "HTC unlock database 2012"

During the month, our programmers can check to make what is the basis of one or another HTC "checker", it will be easy to work, you enter the IMEI of your device displays the name of our website base on which to make an order.
If necessary, such a check, you can now send requests to our e-mail
The letter should look like this:

Subject: Checking database HTC
The contents of the letter:

Phone's IMEI (always the first 15 digits)
Country and operator to which it is locked (if you do not know anything, do not specify)

More than any other extra information, do not specify.
During the day, we will process all applications for free and send replies to the e-mail with a link to the required service.

We remind you that the unlock code must be entered with a foreign SIM card, the phone will ask for a key unblocking.

Unblock the device is done once, after that you can easily update the software to reflash and so on.

Important: When ordering please give your phone serial number only one that displays the device via the key combination *#06#, which is sometimes listed on the box IMEI of your smartphones.


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