Huawei AT comands for 3G modems

Huawei AT comands for 3G modems

Sure sooner or later, this list AT-Commands for Huawei modems come in handy for fine tuning or disable the inclusion of certain features of wireless 3G modems.

They can enter through the terminal program which is in every Windows (XP, Vista, 7 ...), or download a separate program My Huawei Terminal (download My HuaweiTerminal from Rapidshare or Download from My HuaweiTerminal Deposite) Soft demand availability of the PC installed. net framework 2.0 or higher to connect to this port HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G PC UI Interface.

The alternative that we use, long known program Dc-Unlocker, just download it via modem auto search find and right in the window, enter any command:

Download DC-unlocker from Depositfiles
Download DC-unlocker from Rapidshare

List of basic command:

- Displays the current configuration of the device.

- Display mode modem that is currently active.

AT ^ SETPORT = "A1, A2; 1,2,3,7, A1, A2"
- Sets all settings to default.

AT ^ SETPORT = "A1, A2; 1,2,3,7"
- Turn off CD + SD

Only mode GPRS/EDGE - AT^SYSCFG=13,1,3FFFFFFF,2,4

Only 3G/WCDMA mode - AT^SYSCFG=14,2,3FFFFFFF,2,4
Prefferd 3G/WCDMA - AT^SYSCFG=2,2,3FFFFFFF,2,4

Only modem mode - AT^U2DIAG=0
Only modem mode + CD-ROM - AT^U2DIAG=1

AT ^ SETPORT = "A1, A2; 2,7"
- Disable CD + SD, but retains PCUI and Windows 7 NDIS mode.

AT ^ SETPORT = "A1; 2,7"
- Mode 3 in one: CD + NDIS + PCUI

For mode: modem + CD-ROM + Card Reader:
AT^U2DIAG=276 or AT^U2DIAG=255

AT ^ SETPORT = "A1, A2; 1,2,3,7, A1, A2, 4,5,6, A, B, D, E"
- The same team defaults

Only modem + CD-ROM + Card Reader -> AT^U2DIAG=255 или AT^U2DIAG=276
Mode modem + Card Reader -> AT^U2DIAG=256

A few simple ways how you can throw attempts to enter NCK code in some modems Huawei, screened for E1550, E1750, E173, this method works 100%.

AT^CARDUNLOCK="nck md5 hash"
Counter attempts to enter the unlock code to reset the value of 10 (10 times you can re-enter NCK)

You can now directly through the terminal to enter the unlock code itself Modem AT^CARDLOCK="nck code"

Get the key can unlock Huawei modems by NCK

Check the lock status and attempts left with the command


modem will give the answer, for example

^CARDLOCK: 2,10,0

The first digit -> 2 - means that the SIM Lock is cleared or not, 1 - indicates that the modem is locked.
The second digit -> number of tries remaining unlock code. By default, the new modem to 10 (sometimes new modems over the counter that do not attempt, as conceived by the operator, but also can unlock;)

We remind that all operations should be performed without a memory card and SIM card in the modem, so reliable.

A small addition to the different types of GSM networks:

at ^ hspa = 0 - wcdma
at ^ hspa = 2 - hspa-mode
at ^ hspa = 1 - hsdpa
at ^ hspa = 3 - hspa + mode

This is not an exhaustive list, if someone has the desire to add here a certain command you can write to us at the e-mail, if it exists, we will add it to this article and you accrued a small bonus vvidet credits on the site.


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