Infinity BEST v1.96 release got some useful features

Infinity BEST v1.96 release got some useful features

Updates and additions to the new version of Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.96: 


1.Improved performance of service operations for WP8x: 


  • Improved ADB Layer; 
  • Improved connection WP8.1 phone in the normal/test mode; 
  • Fixed and improved support for NXP Android; 
  • Improved procedure for Root NXP 2,0; 
  • Updated package Google Apps NXP 2.0; 
  • Improved process safety/backup; 


2.Improved operations with user data: 


  • For S40 (BB5/Xgold618) improved the process of extracting the phone book Phone Book; 
  • For S40 (Xgold213) improved performance of operations Direct/Dump; 
  • For S60 improved mode Forensic; 


3.Database updated NaviManager: 


  • Added all the latest firmware Lumia, MTKx, Asha and NXP; 
  • Added firmware for WP8.1 Lumia "Cyan"; 
  • Revised database; 
  • Supported models NaviManager - 441; 


4.Other fixes: 


  • STUFF updated files; 
  • Updated and revised files Ini; 
  • Many other small fixes and additions. 


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