Infinity BEST v1.98 release got some useful features.

Infinity BEST v1.98 release got some useful features.
Updates and additions in the new version of Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.98:
  • Improved firmware for USB;
  • Revised/redesigned engine of firmware MTKx;
  • Revised/redesigned engine of firmware WP8x;
  • Updated Flash Loaders;
  • Updated option verification/receiving information WP8x: WP8.1;
  • Improved checking NXP: HW;
  • MTKx: full support for Nokia 130 (RM-1035, RM-1036, RM-1037);
  • Support operations RPL: read, write, check;
  • Function reading of firmware;
  • Function MAUI Repair (necessary files uploaded in support area);
  • Function reset failed attempts counter unlock SP-code;
  • Function SP Unlock (BF);
  • Updated database NaviManager;
  • Added support for all latest versions of firmware Lumia, MTKx, Asha and NXP;
  • Added support for new models: RM-984: Lumia 830 (WP8.1), RM-985: Lumia 830 [LTE] (WP8.1), RM-1038: Lumia 735 [DS] (WP8.1), RM-1039: Lumia 735 [SS] (WP8.1), RM-1040: Lumia 730 (WP8.1);
  • Reviewed/revised database;
  • The total number of supported models: 446;
  • Improved extraction process and verify the information FFU;
  • Updated stuff files;
  • Updated and revised files Ini;
  • Many other fixes and improvements.
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