Infinity-Box Nokia BEST 1.73 new version

Infinity-Box Nokia BEST 1.73 new version

Primary possibilities:

  • the visual notification about USB connection is improved;
  • WP7x - "EFS reset" function is added. This given option might be activated/deactivated and allows to recover EFS after refurbish of the device (Reset Simlock (RELOCK), counter reset);
  • execution of service operations is improved;
  • Lumia WP7x - the function of information display about the state of lock and operator is improved;
  • the function to read/reset/edit AshaOSLifeTimed is implemented;
  • XG223 RPL operation execution is improved - recovery of the factory RPL/ mode of reserved copy. This is necessary at the time of RPL recording into the "dead" mode;
  • XG213 RPL operation execution is improved;
  • the work with the user data is improved;
  • The option of SMS extraction from Lumia WP7x is added;
  • The option of address book extraction from Lumia WP7x is added. This function is in the test mode and will not be available for some time
  • Navi is updated and support of the latest versions of refurbishment of Lumia Asha phones are added
  • the majority of bugs is fixed, INI, stuff files and etc are updated.

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Infinity-Box Nokia BEST 1.73 new version
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