Infinity-Box Nokia BEST v1.63

Infinity-Box Nokia BEST v1.63

Change List:

  • USB flashing improved
  • Improved WP8x flashing
  • Activated "Data partition erase" skip option (WP8x)
  • Error handling added (WP8x)
  • User Data operations improved
  • Revised PhoneBook Extraction from XG213 and XG223 phones
  • Improved support of data extraction in damaged PhoneBook storage cases
  • Added s4rec reading (emergency backup) during PhoneBook Reading from S40 phones
  • S60 Forensic revised (accuracy , quantity)
  • S40 Forensic improved (accuracy)


  • Service operations improved
  • RSA check revised
  • PM "Range" read/write fixed
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Other
  • Ini revised
  • Stuff files updated
  • Provider list completely updated and revised for XG/BB5/WP
  • Some fixes at all

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