LGeTool information about LG Tool software

LGeTool information about LG Tool software

LGETool activation (software) to unlock, flash, repair LG mobile phones.
Developers this program is world-famous LGETool team SeTool

LGETool is a paid module, for its use need SeTool box or card.
If you already have SeTool then you just have to buy the activation LGETool

To order LGETool module is required must specify the serial number smart card.
Once your card activates the server you will be notified by email and can then be
will use the full functionality of the program

In order to get support area must use the LGETool.
You need run program LGETool, then go to Support tab and click the "Go to support"

List of main functions LGETool:

- Read \ write phones Full Flash, NVM
- Reading \ Security record File System phones
- Reflashing phones
- Unlock (Direct unlock LGETool using)
- Reading \ restore \ repair IMEI phones
- Reset to factory settings (Factory reset)
- Reading \ patch addresses Bluetooth, all types unlock codes
- Search function MCC \ MNC
- Determine the type of processor
- Read full version

List of supported phone models by LG in the program LGETool:

CT810, GT810, CT815, BL40, BL40g, BL40e, BL40f, C100, C105, GT810h, KC780, GT370, GD880f, GD310, GD510, GD510NGO, GD510N, GD510GO, GD550,
GD551, GS290Go, GS290, GS290NGo, GS290N, GM730f, GM730, GM735, GM730e, GD880, GD880g, GM360, GM360GO, GS390, GM360i, GS390Go,
GT350, GT350GO, GS500, GT350I, GS500f, GS500g, A130, A133, GB100, GB100a, GB106, GB101, GB105, GB102, GB105a, GB107, GB115, GB107a, GB109, GB108,
GB110, GB125a, GB125, GB125R, GB126, KG270, GB130, KG271, KG278, KG276,A133GO,  KG275, KG288, KG285, KG289, KG376, KG375, KG370, KP100,
KP105, KP106b, KP106, KP108, KP107, KP109, MG160, MG161a, MG160a, MG161, MG165, MG377, MG165a, MG370, C305N, CD350, C310, GS170, GB280,
A130, A133R, A133, A133R, A133GO, A133CH, C300, GD580, KF755C, KF750, KF755, KT525, KF755D, KF758, KT520, KU580, C300GO, C305,
C305N, GB220, C310, GB220go, GB220N, GS170, GB230, GB280, T310i, T300, T300, T310i, T310, T310N, KS660, GX500
T310, T310N, GS500v, GS500Go, KM553, KM555, KM555g,GW825v,  KM555e, KM555r, GW825, KM555Go, KM570, GW820, GU220, GU230GO, GU230,
 GD350, KM570F, L06A, GS100, GS101, GS101a, GS102, GS101Go, GS105, GS106, GS105Go, U990, KU990C, U990C, KU990, KU990GO, KU990iGO,
KU990i, KU990iG, KU990MF, GS107, KU990R, GS106a, GS107a, GS108, GS107b, GS117, GS155a, GS155, GS155b, KF350d,
KC550d, KP500GO, KP502GO, KP500N, GW520GO, GW525GX, KC910, KC910Q, KC910e, KC910i, KC910Qa, GB250, GB250g, GB250f, GB258, GB255,
GM310, GM310G, GM310F, GW520, KC550, GW525, GW525g, KC560, KF350, KF600, KF510, KF510D, KF600C, KF600D, KP500, KP270, KP275,
KP501, KP505, KP502, KP570q, KP550, KP570, KS660, GC900, GC900f, GC900e, KF900, KM900f, KM900, KM900e, KM900g, GT365, GT360,
 GT365Go, T325, TE365, TE365F, KM380, TE365Go, KC780, KM380c, KM380T, KM380d, KM385d, KM386c, KS360Go, TE360, KS360, BL20e, BL20, BL20T, BL20v,, BL42k, BL20GO, T320, T320e, T320g, GT550 , GD900e, GD900, GD900f, GD910c, GD910, AX500BL, AX585, MT310, AX310, UX310, VX8660, VX8610, CX9200, VX9200, LG300, VX5500, VX8360, AX265, VX8650, CX9600, VX9600, VX9700, LG600, CX9700, LX400 , LN510, GC900, GC900F, GC900E, KM900, KM900E, KF600, KM900F, KM900G, KF600C, KF600D, LW510, UN510, LX610, UX265, MX265,, VN251VN250 and so on

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