LGTOOL 1.61 new version from SEtool team

LGTOOL 1.61 new version from SEtool team

Major changes in program is correct old mistakes.
New models in LGTOOL for direct unlock:

LG US660, CX670, MS690, LW690, AS740, VS740, US740, VS750, VS760, US760, VS761

Factory reset:
LG T500, T505, T505GO, C330, C330I, A230, A250, A255, A258

Fixed bug in flashing phones.
LG L04D World's first calculation unlock code by IMEI

Added new PRD/MEP to unlock the BlackBerry:


  • PRD-13895-014
  • PRD-14399-003
  • PRD-16453-015
  • PRD-16974-016
  • PRD-22578-140
  • PRD-22578-152
  • PRD-30002-006
  • PRD-31119-005
  • PRD-31593-043
  • PRD-33326-007
  • PRD-38627-004
  • PRD-38860-045
  • PRD-44244-008


  • MEP-11534-009
  • MEP-12209-010

SeTool\LGTool Logs, Credits:

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