LGTOOL 1.64 from SEtool team new version unlocker

LGTOOL 1.64 from SEtool team new version unlocker

A list of all changes and additions:
Added support for new models of LG Optimus LTE first in the world.
Not very important but it added a calculator for Doro phones
Added support for direct unlock HTC phones:

  • HTC One S,
  • HTC One X,
  • HTC One XL
  • LG T370, T375

Read / write full, NVM, File System
Read phone code
Reading recovery IMEI / Bluetooth
LG A200 an additional: reading version
LG A235:
* Unlock the beta test
Restore IMEI \ IMEI2 * beta test
Patch / reading Bluetooth address
Reading version info, type CPU processor, MCC / MNC Lock type
Read unlock codes:

  • HTC Wildfire S, Marvel, A510e, ChaCha, ChaChaCha, Status, A810e, Salsa, Icon, C510e, Desire, Bravo, A8181

Calculation codes LGTOOL for IMEI:

  • LG F160L, F160S, T395, C395P, AS695, P705F, P705GO, L05D
  • HTC One X, One S, One XL

Doro 345 GSM, PhoneEasy 345, PhoneEasy 409, PhoneEasy 409s, PhoneEasy 410, PhoneEasy 410s, PhoneEasy 610, PhoneEasy 610s

SeTool\LGTool Logs, Credits:

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