MCK code Samsung - how to buy online by IMEI?

MCK code Samsung - how to buy online by IMEI?
If your Samsung smartphone asks for the MCK unlock code, you can order it from us. To do this, it is enough to indicate the IMEI in the order form and wait for the result. But before placing an order - consider a few important points:
  1. MCK code for Samsung is a "reset attempts" code. This code can also have other names - DEFREEZE or Unfreeze, which means "defrost". It is requested by the device only if you have a blocking for a specific carrier (NCK) or for a region (RGCK), but the code for removing this blocking was entered incorrectly. This means that after entering the MCK code, your device will not unblock the network, but only the number of attempts and will allow you to re-enter the second code - NCK or RGCK. If you do not have these codes, only MCK code will not be enough to fully unlock your device.
  2. Samsung MCK code cannot be ordered separately from other codes. It always comes paired with either the NCK code or the RGCK code. Thus, to order Samsung MCK unlock code, you need to know in which country your phone was purchased. If it is tied to a specific carrier, you need to know which one. If you do not have information about your device, you can get it by your IMEI by checking - Samsung - information by IMEI (+ carrier check). The test results are usually provided within 24 hours. With them, you can contact our chat or email the site and we will help you choose the service you need from the list of available services.
If you need any other information on unlocking your model, our specialist will accompany you in the support chat until the unlocking process is completed. The best service - only with
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