Mkey Dongle update v8.1.6 Build 11 SEPT 2013 Beta.

Mkey Dongle update v8.1.6 Build 11 SEPT 2013 Beta.
Mkey Dongle - a universal solution for more than 60 modems!
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Updates in the new version:
  • Extensions for 60 modems;
  • Function Icon461 (GI04361) Unlock;
  • In MiniFlasher: MF180S added - TMIC_KH_MF180SV1.0.0B04 - Cambodia, DJC_UA_MF180SV1.0.0B03 - Kyivstar Ukraine;
  • In MiniFlasher: MF190S added - MTS_UA_MF190SV1.0.0B01 - MTS-Ukraine, GCELL_GE_MF190SV1.0.0B02 Gsell-Georgia, VIE_VN_MF190SF3V1.0.0B05 - Vietnam, BD_VIEHTMF190STLF3V1.0.0B01 - Vietnam, BD_MF190SV1.0.0B06 - Sudan, BD_MF190SV1.0.0B07 - Egypt ;
  • Added function of COMPORT UNBLOCKER for more than 50 models.


  1. Turn the power on the modem and connect it via USB. If any message appears - ignore it;
  2. Press and hold for 5 seconds the reset button;
  3. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button for 15 seconds;
  4. About 1 minute in the system to determine the modem Windows;
  5. For SPC Unlock must select CDMA_SPC and model MiFi4082. Next, go to the application interface and click unlock.

Using COMPORT UNBLOCK for ZTE 890l/891:

  1. Hold down the «UP» on the router, press and hold for 2-4 seconds reboot;
  2. Release and connect ZTE modem via USB-cable;
  3. After that should prompt you to install drivers for COMPORT.
COMPORT UNBLOCK also supported for the following models - MF20 MF210VMF25 MF25AMF271 MF28D MF28G MF29A MF29S2 MF29T MF30 MF365 MF50 MF51 MF60 MF61 MF62 MF63 MF65 MF667 MF668 MF668A MF669 MF680 MF681 MF682 MF683 MF70 MF700 MF80 + MF80 MF820 MF820D MF820T MF821 MF821D MF821V MF823 MF825A MF91 MF91A MF91D MF91S MF93 MF93D MF96 MF98 +004 Z 007ZK4505-ZAP01ZAC30.

To use COM PORT UNBLOCK the above models should:

  1. Connect the modem via USB;
  2. Download NEWZTE_CommEnabler_v2.0.exe and run the application;
  3. In 5-20 seconds should be prompted to install drivers for COMPORT.
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