MXKey / MXBox 3.5 revision 1.0

MXKey / MXBox 3.5 revision 1.0

List of all changes additions in the this new version MXbox / MXKey:

- The button in the program Update HTI is not always available
- added ping to check process status of 'Server List'
- + status bar with maintenance for OS Windows 7
- more than half fixed algorithm firmware phones through HTI
- Fixed background downloading
- small minor changes in main  program

SL3BF added scheduler to calculate NCK code

- Revized an arbitrary method of calculating the unlock code

BB (BlackBerry Tool):

- New support for MEP unlock the latest phones
- Updated file "supported_mep.txt"

QCD module, (CDMA - Service Tool):

- Have New firmware Haier C2071
- This version MXKEY patch version unlock Haier C2071 \P1.01.21 \ V00.21

All customer who want to unlock new BlackBerry but does not have a special dongle or Infinity Boxing opportunity for our server to get Unlock Code for BlackBerry Have

MX Key Logs, Credits, Activations

MX-Key BB5 100 Credits
MX-Key BB5 50 Credits
MX-Key DCT4 100 Credits
MX-Key DCT4 50 Credits
MXKEY SL3 100 Credits Activations


MXKEY logo MX-Key

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