MXKEY (MXBox) update 3.5 rev 2.1 (HTI)

MXKEY (MXBox) update 3.5 rev 2.1 (HTI)

MXKEY (MXBox) 3.5 rev 2.1 (HTI)

A list of changes in new version MXKey (MXBox) 3.5 rev 2.1:
Updated Nokia module to version 2.1, built the latest version of driver
Added support for flashing Nokia 810T phone in the world's first
Added support for flashing phones Lumia 900
There was a backup feature MDM_KEYS certificates Nokia RPL
Fixed a bug in the FBUS protocol for symbian belle phone
Added list of SmartCard in the list of USB devices
Internal errors in the program

Links to order logs MX Box (MX Key) and HTI Box Interface:


MXBOX / MXKEY HTI Box credits, logs

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