MXKEY \ MXBOX v3.4 2.1

MXKEY \ MXBOX v3.4 2.1

Update MXKEY \ MXBOX v3.4 revision 2.1

List of major changes in this version MXKEY and MXBox:

  - Drivers HTI upgraded to aktualnoyversii 04/03/2007
  - HTI ccid driver added to the installation kit
  - Improved communication protocol Boxing HTI

Update MXKEY NK (Nokia Service Tool):

  - Fixed a serious problem with the firmware through the HTI
  - Fixed flashing through ATF box, added new loaders
  - Added "Get Address" to connect via USB
  - Fixed some minor bugs in the old code of the program
  - SL3BF module updated to actual version 3.3 (full support algorithm oclHashcat-lite-0.05)

Updated module QCD (MXKEY CDMA Service Tool):

  - Fixed starayaoshibka with phone firmware ZTE QSC6010

MX Key Logs, Credits, Activations

MX-Key BB5 100 Credits
MX-Key BB5 50 Credits
MX-Key DCT4 100 Credits
MX-Key DCT4 50 Credits
MXKEY SL3 100 Credits Activations


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