New Bootloader for Cyclone Box USB 3.0

New Bootloader for Cyclone Box USB 3.0 What's new in this update Cyclone:
  • Rewrite code from scratch
  • Running program has become more stable, and fast
  • Improved procedure for initializing the smart card
  • 2 times increased speed (previously updated bootloader box took about 20 seconds, is now only ~ 11 seconds)
  • Full support for USB 3.0 interface is enabled several times to increase the speed of initialization Bootloader's!

To upgrade, use the button "Box Maintenance"

Logs, an example of renovation:

Box Maintenance procedure started at 13:20:22
Handling device: [Cyclone Team], [Cyclone Bootloader], [Platform: Classic]
Bootloader: Cyclone Classic Common Bootloader v3.00, (Apr 6 2012 16:14:55)
Service Tag: 0D1BB140D1F7F2475586D877E7357B6E
Connecting to Cyclone Server
Cyclone Server (, Cyclone Box Team 2008-2011 - Ready.
========= Box Info =========
Box SN: C000xxx
HW Revision: B, Suitable for: Production, Case: 2011 - New Casing, MCU Manufacture Time: 2009, wk23 / wk19
Set: Classic Box, TX2 Adapter, 100 Credits, 6 Months Warranty
Box registration status: Registered OK
Paired Card SN: *****
First Name: ********
Surname: ******
Nickname: ******
Address: ******
Country: ****
E-Mail: ******
Reseller: *******
Warranty Start Date: 2011-03-26
Warranty Period (months): 6
Warranty Stop Date: 2011-03-26
Warranty active: Yes
Updating Security Area...
Security Area Updated, Took: 0.31s
Updating Main Firmware...
Main Firmware Updated, Took: 6.240s
Updating COM Emulator Firmware...
COM Emulator Firmware Updated, Took: 0.390s
Updating Secure Bootloader...
Handling device: [Cyclone Team], [Cyclone Bootloader], [Platform: Classic]
Handling device: [Cyclone Team], [Cyclone Box], [Platform: Classic]
Firmware: Cyclone Nokia/Blackberry Application v01.89, (Mar 29 2012 16:06:54, gcc v4.3.3, RTOS V6.0.1), Type: Signed Production Application, (C) KarwosSoft 2011
Boot Agent: Cyclone Secure BootAgent Server v3.01 (C) KarwosSoft 2010 wk41
Bootloader is already Up-to-date
Secure Bootloader Update Skipped
Disconnected from Cyclone Server
Box Maintenance finished successfully

You can purchase credits Cyclone Box:

CycloneBox credits logs for unlock any mobile phones

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