New firware version Cyclone Box Classic - 0.89

New firware version Cyclone Box Classic - 0.89

New firmware for CycloneBox is available for updates.
Details update box:

Box Maintenance procedure started at 12:12:26
Handling device: [Cyclone Team], [Cyclone Box], [Platform: Classic]
Handling device: [Cyclone Team], [Cyclone Bootloader], [Platform: Classic]
Bootloader: Cyclone Secure Bootloader v2.13, (Oct  5 2010 17:21:58), Type: Signed Production Application, Added Clip Support
Service Tag: E1110B966C6F23D7D*************
Connecting to Cyclone Server
Cyclone Server (, Cyclone Box Team 2008-2011 - Ready.
========= Box Info =========
Box SN: C0000****
HW Revision: A, Suitable for: Production, Case: First Plastic Case, MCU Manufacture Time: 2008, wk32
Set: Box, TX2 Adapter, 1000 Credits, 6 Months Warranty
Box registration status: Registered OK
Paired Card SN: D00**
First Name: ******
Surname: *******
Nickname: ******
Address: *******
Country: ******
E-Mail: ********
Reseller: *******
Warranty Start Date: 20****
Warranty Period (months): **
Warranty Stop Date: 20*****
Warranty active: No
Updating Security Area...
Security Area Updated, Took: 0.131s
Updating Main Firmware...
Main Firmware Updated, Took: 25.947s
Updating COM Emulator Firmware...
COM Emulator Firmware Updated, Took: 1.683s
Updating Secure Bootloader...
Handling device: [Cyclone Team], [Cyclone Bootloader], [Platform: Classic]
Handling device: [Cyclone Team], [Cyclone Box], [Platform: Classic]
Firmware: Cyclone Nokia/Blackberry Application v01.89, (Mar 29 2012 16:06:54, gcc v4.3.3, RTOS V6.0.1), Type: Signed Production Application, (C) KarwosSoft 2011
Boot Agent: Cyclone Secure BootAgent Server v3.01 (C) KarwosSoft 2010 wk41
Bootloader is already Up-to-date
Secure Bootloader Update Skipped
Disconnected from Cyclone Server
Box Maintenance finished successfully

Updates only affected phones Blackberry, added to the server support for two new MEP:

  • MEP-09292-009
  • MEP-11534-009

To update just run the shell program and execute Box Maintenance.
Please note that should a direct connection to the Internet without a firewall, antivirus.

Important Note:
The software part of the server was almost completely rewritten from scratch, this means that there may be minor glitches the first time, but the team promises to follow all the capability of the system.

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